Ideal daily getaway

Really can’t believe that Jon and I have been this lucky to get our flat at our very first attempt! We didn’t applied for the most luxurious (or big, for that matter) flat, we’re trying to work something within our financial range and needs. But hellyeah, both of us are getting so hyped up because we are really lucky! So lucky we still can’t even believe it.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to get inspriations of the different concepts on how I’d want my daily getaway to be like and it has always been my dream, even as a little girl, to have a beautiful home. ☺

I’d really like to think that simplicity works very well for me. Simple, warm, cosy and fuzzy. ♥

Warm and cosy lightings.

Would love to have this very much.

But this might be even better. Love it neat and tidy.

And this would actually be perfect. (But… impossible)

And if the houses in Singapore allows for such comfy toilets, I’d stay in there for hours.

I know this probably seems impossible in Singapore, but I’d really die to live in a house like this. I don’t even want a bungalow (for now). This is so beautiful.

Whichever it is, in 2015 I’ll be living in a space of our own. ♥


2 thoughts on “Ideal daily getaway

  1. Aww, that’s so nice ! rmb to invite me for housewarming ! btw, i’ve booked tix to go tasmania too ! heh

  2. ASHLYN, Thank you, we’ll definitely invite you! :D I know about you joining us on the Tasmania trip. IT IS GOING TO BE SO EXCITING! :D xx

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