LC-A✦: Port Dickson/Seremban

My first roll of pictures taken with my LC-A+, on a film that I left over from my holga; which isn’t exactly the suitable kind of film to go with the new baby as I’ve researched online, but I was just testing out the camera anyway. Tried to understand this analogue camera a little better by taking basic pictures first. Going to find more about cross processing films so I can get better pictures. ☺

I’ve already got the second roll winded up in my LC-A+, and I am ready to get more pictures. Next thing, I am going to try out my splitzer. Looking forward to get more amazing pictures! ✌

4 thoughts on “LC-A✦: Port Dickson/Seremban

  1. Very nice! :) I like the shot with you upside down and jon looking at you! Very creative indeed. :D

    love you evil twin! jiayou for work.

  2. ESTELLA, Thank you Estella! :D Honestly I am not really satisfied with this batch of photos, but I am trying! Hope to get better pictures with time! :D


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