Seremban ☞ Port Dickson

Day One


Day Two

Chinese Rojak

Cuttlefish with Pork Bee Hoon

Beef Noodles

Herbal Jelly

Raspberry Cheesecake

Ipoh Hor Fun

Curry Noodles

Day Three

Seremban Siew Pow

At Port Dickson

Went on a 2D3N trip to Seremban to visit his maternal grandfather with the boyfriend and his parents, and it was my first time. The boyfriend took the wheel for the entire trip while his dad took the backseat, and I salute the boy for having to keep himself awake through the 4-hour-long drive while all other passengers took their rest. We stayed at Jon’s Grandpa’s humble abode during our stay, and it was nice experiencing the life of the locals like having breakfast at their local markets (something which I’ve never done before in Malaysia), which apparently serves very awesome food despite looking rather dilapidated from the exterior.

And on the last day of the trip, we took a short drive and went to Port Dickson. Beautiful afternoon enjoying the sea breeze, taking some pictures, and walking through the beach. I think the boyfriend and I probably gained loads of holiday weight (and I can feel it with the fats that are – visibly obvious, too – residing on my face and arms) from the excessive eating.

Looking forward to the next short trip with my love in a three weeks time. ✌

3 thoughts on “Seremban ☞ Port Dickson

  1. hey! i’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now and… have finally decided to comment and not be an internet troll.. i love your blog so much! the way you write, your pictures, how your life is.. (= always look forward to reading your posts!

  2. JON, Heehee, just the way you love it Babylove. ♥

    CHARMAINE, Hi Babe, thank you so much for leaving a note. (: I guess everyone’s life has both its ups and downs, but it’s the way you look at it. Thank you for your beautiful message though, feel free to leave your notes whenever you want. ✘☺✘☺

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