ilLido ✘ Beer Market

at Sentosa Golf Club

Amuse Bouche

36 months aged Parma Ham with Rock Melon and Port Wine

Tagliolini with Crab and White Wine

The boyfriend’s: Wagyu Beef Cheek with Creamy Celeriac and Crunchy Vegetables

Mine: Atlantic Cod with Red Bell Peppers and Watercress Cream

Traditional Tiramisu

Cajun Fries

The boyfriend and I had a complimentary Italian fine dining experience at ilLido. The food was absolutely fantastic: The truffle (Amuse Bouche) was so mind blowing I wished I had more, the taste of parma ham with the juicy melon salad went very well together, the pasta was good, the cod fish’s skin was very crispy and the wagyu beef was really soft. If something has to be average from all that we had, I will say that, despite its very soft base, the Tiramisu was the one. But all in all, the dining experience was a pleasant one with the breezy outdoor ambience.

After dinner, we headed over to Clarke Quay to meet up with Amanda to have some drinks with her. It was just a simple night, drinking with some catching up and laughing/talking at some things that has been going on. Basically just very random topics. I hope all the bad things will turn for the better, because my girlfriends deserve nothing but the best.

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  1. RAYMOND, Hahaha, you are definitely enjoying life more than us! Do remember to start making a list of places to visit when I am over at Melbourne. And Malaysia this July too! :D


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