Under the ☀ with my toys

Stayed over at the boyfriend’s place on Saturday night because we were bringing J for a swim earlier in the morning on Sunday. My first time bringing the pup for a swim, and he certainly looks really cute and excited swimming around in the dog’s pool together with the other puppies/dogs. Spent the entire morning at Clubs 4 Paws and that was good enough to leave the boy and I exhausted. So exhausted that we slept through the entire afternoon instantly after we had lunch.

On a side note, I couldn’t help but to burst the bubble about me buying an air ticket to Melbourne to surprise the boy for his birthday. I wanted to just appear in front of his door step on his birthday, and give him a big pleasant surprise. But I fear that I might actually disrupt the boy’s plans while he is schooling since it was going to be 10 days long. He said tears welled up in his eyes when I showed him the email about the booking confirmation. ☺ Now I am looking forward to crashing the boy’s lecture, experiencing his school life in Melbourne with him, and we are probably going to travel somewhere and explore something new together.

2 thoughts on “Under the ☀ with my toys

  1. Hey babe, it is still a pleasant surprise. I am glad you told me. Nothing lesser than keeping it from me.

    The second picture of J looks like BATMAN!!!

  2. JON, It really sucks to know that I can hardly keep any secrets from you. ): What a spoiler I am. But I am glad that you are happy my dear. And you’re so silly, because all you can think of (constantly) are just super heros. Silly love ❤

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