Collection of my Babies

Taken on my iPod

A family portrait of my babies together, and I love them all. Wish I could take more beautiful/wonderful pictures to do them justice. I need to go on a trip and snap down more photographic memories.

3 thoughts on “Collection of my Babies

  1. Omg ENVIOUS MUCH. is the underwater camera good! test it out and tell me can? digital right? :) WAH RAO EH I ALSOOO WANT.

  2. ESTELLA, I envy that you have a BBF! I haven’t tried out the underwater camera yet, but I will let you know! It is a very cheap and simple digital camera though. Like the first generation colour phone’s standard! 5 megapixels only!


  3. Haha you don’t have to envy me, cause that’s not my BBF! It’s my friend’s. You have so many cameras, I am just gonna steal them one day when you’re asleep. ^^ HOHOHO.

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