∞ happiness

New York

Our little driver for Treasure Hunters

Chicken Tandoori

Beef Lasagne


Emergency food the boyfriend brought

Potion drink

Battlestar Galactica

Le boyfriend’s

My usual

The boyfriend and I woke up early on a Monday morning to some drizzle, and thank God it was only a drizzle because we had already planned to visit Universal Studios Singapore. We headed towards Battlestar Galactica the moment we arrived, and being the cowardly me (as usual), I had a huge fear for taking thrill rides as much as I want to have the fun. I would always, always, hold on to the boy’s hands/arm to soothe my fear and all seems real fun thereafter. Conquered both the blue and red track, and also The Revenge of The Mummy rollercoaster ride. We went through the rides that we had already went through together in the states, but it still makes the both of us so happy.

Then I saw somebody holding on to a potion bottle, and I thought it was so cute that the both of us went scouting for it. Only to find out that it cost $15.80 when a regular cup would just cost $4.50. But the boy bought it for me any way, just because I wanted it. ☺

Most of the rides were similar, but we had so much fun together that we were so exhausted neither of us talked during dinner. And in 6 months, we visited 2 different Universal Studios – Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Singapore. Together.

Happy 62th Month, sweetlove. You brought me through the best rollercoaster rides in life. ♥

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  1. Since I’m kinda forced to comment after being called an “asshole” and “jerk” 1am in the morning…

    Don’t be lazy! There are other settings beyond F/1.8!

    And remember…I own a share of that cam…in a spiritual sense.

  2. FAIDHI, Hahaha, do not expose my laziness! Faster find a day to teach me more so I can play with more tricks. And no, you own nothing about the cam! q:


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