Sunday morning rain is falling

Steal some cover share some skin ☁

Good Morning, love.

Re-enacting the scene five years ago

Vinegar Fish & Chips

Entertainment during long train rides

Silly boy

The photography date Jon had arranged didn’t go as planned because it was pouring very heavily early in the morning. We ended up lazing our entire morning in my bed together, enjoying the chilling weather until Jon’s parents gave him a call and asked if we wanted to have lunch together. Had traditional hakka beef noodles (and hakka yong tao fu for me since I am not a fan of beef) at this place featured on tv, recommended by the boy’s Mom.

The both of us went on a movie date together thereafter, something that we haven’t done together in a while. And my crazy tummy was rumbling again, and we got my favourite mash potato from Popeye’s. Kung Fu Panda 2 was cute and hilarious the boy laughed so much through the entire movie. It’s nice being able to let our hair down and just enjoy some simple time together. A feast at The Chau’s, and we took on a simple stroll around the swimming pool.

Today was such simple bliss, although things didn’t go the way we wanted to initially. But, what’s there to complain?

Nothing. ☺

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