☀ Sunshine

My first set of pictures taken with my new 60D baby ✌ Isn’t babyboy J sucha cutie?

Hey cutie boy, what are you peeping at while you’re drinking?

Suave babyboy

The boyfriend trying to capture ugly pictures of me, hence the sulky face.


Le boyfriend studying

The toy

The eyes of a playful child

Good morning

Flower arrangements

Supper at Newton Food Centre with Mummy, brother and the love.

Acting camera shy

Best fish porridge I’ve tried.

I’ve been taking the most random things for the past two days, trying out my new toy and trying to explore/experiment with it. Not a fantastic photographer with creative framing skills, but I am definitely loving how high quality the pictures turn out. Loads of picture of the babypup because he is so irresistibly cute, and taking pictures of an animal is definitely not easy. So yay, because I’ve managed to capture some really good (and cute) pictures of J! So many pictures of him that brings out the naive and playful self in him.

This weekend. The boyfriend has planned to bring me around to play with my camera, and I really appreciate this sweet little act of his because he is not a photography person yet he has got this arranged. (: Meanwhile, I welcome all comments/advices on how I can improve my pictures. ☺

And on a side note, Jon and I have applied for our house under HDB and we hope that we will get it through our first balloting (even though the chances are really low)! It’s a start to something new for our future. ☺

3 thoughts on “☀ Sunshine

  1. hey!

    nice photos up there! love those of baby J! what a co-incidence i just posted an entry on DSLR photography on my blog too. hahah. we can exchange pointers and maybe lenses next time! :) 60D ftw!

  2. Nice bokeh.I hope you are keeping to your promises.No auto and read the damn
    Manual. Don’t forget who helped you ah! Lets shoot together soon!

  3. YANQI, Thanks babe! (: Sure, we’ll share some pointers and let us improve further! :D

    FAIDHI, I am totally loving the camera! The bokeh too! Please let me know when you’re free and we can go on our photography meetup soon!


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