Today: Beautiful Day ☺

Last night, while Jon hugged me to sleep, he asked if I could be his girlfriend. Again. I couldn’t give him an answer right at the moment he asked, but I was really happy he did. So happy I teared, and he asked me in a shocked face why I was crying. I am sucha cry baby who cries at almost every other thing. ♥


The most expensive buy of my life till date!
(I could have bought another air ticket to the states!)

I am smiling to myself as I am typing this. I wanted a Canon EOS 7D initially for its awesome specs, but after some recommendations by the salesperson I settled for the Canon EOS 60D and channeling the rest of the money I have in my budget on a better lens rather than to settle for the kit lens! And it’s very much comparable to the EOS 7D too – same megapixels (18mp), except for it’s slower shutter speed (5.3fps vs 8fps) and a few others. But one reason why I settled for the EOS 60D is because of the weight; 675g (60D) vs 820g (7D)!

Bah, I hope I can achieve awesome pictures with what I have (FINALLY!) and slowly improve my photography skills. ☺ It’s weird how much more I am willing to spend on cameras rather than on a designer bag which I’ve been eyeing on since 5 years ago. *Shrugs*

And thank you Faidhi for making time out to accompany me to get this camera and to teach/give me some guidance before I settle for it, just to make sure that I know what I am getting and not waste my money. Bring me out to teach me more photography tricks soon! :D

This entry isn’t really making a lot of sense, but I am really very happy I am going to put on a smile to sleep tonight. Hole in my pocket, happiness everywhere! :D

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