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Spud Nik

Mushroom Munchies

Ham and mozzarella on mushroom cap

Chicken breast meat stuffed in potato skin

Grandma goes nuts

Jon delivered lunch and dinner to me while I was going through a busy day at work today, and if not for him I doubt I’d get my meals for the day since I don’t even have the time to think about how hungry I probably was. Every Saturday is a huge fear to me. The thought of the possible insane crowd at work just leaves me feeling suffocated. Then I’d receive calls in the midst of my hectic work, asking if I had taken my meal but all I can do was to say Not yet, call you back later. This is how busy work is, and I do that very often. ☹

And after work today, I asked him out for some ice-cream at The Daily Scoop at Holland Village which was, sadly, closed by the time we arrived. Looked around the row of restaurants/bars/cafe and Jon instantly knew I’d settle for NYDC for their mud pies. He knows what I want without having me to open my mouth, and we catch each other’s flaws instantly when no one can notice them.

How can I find another person who knows me so well, is so similar yet different as me at the same time? ✘✘

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