The past two weeks.

In pictures and a few paragraphs.

The Lion King Musical
15th May 2011, Sunday

Lunch at The Soup Spoon

My Favourite Picture

Ice-cream Milk Tea

Jon bought tickets to The Lion King Musical for the both of us about a month back, and the musical was absolutely beautiful. Brought me so much good memories when I was a kid, and I teared at the part when Mufasa died. The very same scene I teared while watching the cartoon since I was a kid. The props was amazing, so was the company.

Impromptu meet up with Amanda
22nd May 2011, Sunday

Green Tea Mousse Cake

The day I felt really upset, and the girlfriend suggested meeting up with me even though she has already planned to have the entire day with herself at home. Cried like an idiot, played Wii like a retarded, and watched Fast & Furious 5 with this lovely girl. Can never appreciate her love for me more than anything. She’s just there, even if she doesn’t show it all the time.

Breakfast at Wild Honey
26th May 2011, Friday



Breakfast with Jon and his Mom at Wild Honey early on a Friday Morning. Too filling for a breakfast I had to skip lunch. I am start to love prosciutto and hollandaise a whole lot. I think European is definitely one of my favourite after Scandinavian in the menu. Have been dining at Wild Honey to many times in the past two months we need to quit it.

But then again, how do we quit good food? I am going to scout for more brunch sites.

4 thoughts on “The past two weeks.

  1. This mth’s Cleo/Herworld got a whole list of brunch places! Tmr I tweet you. The mag’s in another room now ;p

  2. Mmmmmmm yumyumyum! Naise photos you have there! Miss you x100! Take care hor? :D

  3. ESTELLA, Thank you Evil Twin for being so nice as always! Miss you too! <3 And don't worry, I am fine. Meet me soon okay? <3


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