The grass is greener on my side

Weekend picnic date with my girlfriends. 

KFC Portuguese egg tarts

Chiffon top, Zara shorts, Bracelet and Sandals (not shown) from FEP

Baby Damien

Fairy god mothers

A kid’s greatest fear.

Woke up early in the morning on a Sunday morning despite tuning in late the night before from a birthday celebration with the DOPT peeps and prepared to meet up with my girlfriends for a picnic date. The sun was scorching hot – probably a tad too hot for us to be sitting in the sun for hours, that’s why we decided to settle in the shade instead. Then we decided to embrace the sun and the greenery for a while with the camera, before we realized that settling indoors in the air-conditioned environment would be a much better option in such a weather. But as usual, a crazy and fun time together with the girls.

(Window) Shopping in the city thereafter, and we finally get to see precious little Damien. Makes me feel like being a mother young right at this moment. Not kidding when I hope to have a family at the age of 24 (or even younger).

I had a fabulous weekend, even though I only have one day for my weekend.

And on an exciting note, I am actually having some plans up my sleeves and I am hoping to execute it! (Y)

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