Bonne Vie ☀

The Weekends


Tank top from SoHo, NYC, high waisted shorts from LRH, bag from Charles & Keith, Bracelet and Necklace.

Jello flats from FEP

First bus ride after a long time

Sunday – Jon and I met up with Mabel who dropped by Singapore over the weekends, and we had lunch at Wild Honey because she wanted to try it out. Baby and I shared a portion and gave Tunisian a try, which was rather unique I’d say. After we parted with Mabel, we went to Diaso to run some errands because the shop needs to get quite a bit of stuff. Quite glad that the shop is now opened after the renovation, looking pretty much like a boutique with almost the full range of optometric equipments. Quite a handful of unpacking to do, but I think we will do just fine. This is the transition period for the company to move forward, and it is definitely looking good. On a side note, we have collected our tickets to catch The Lion King Musical two weeks from now. Definitely looking forward to catching it since I have been hearing so much raves about it! Bonus points for the boy who suggested watching it, because I’d fancy a guy who takes a liking to the classics.

Monday – I was contemplating whether to change my off days to some time in the week and head down to the shop to work since it was a public holiday (which spells Busy Day), but I decided to just keep my usual day off because the past few days at work was taxing (knocking off around 12am) and I haven’t paid off my sleep debt. Not forgetting that the boy also has a day off from work and I figured that we could just spend a lazy day together.

You know, I used to find that having a quiet day at home doing nothing was a waste of time. But when you enter the working world, you’ll find this very very precious.

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