My second love: J sweetheart

Taken with Instagram

He is definitely one of the one that makes me feel the most welcomed whenever I arrive at The Chau’s. Not that the rest of them aren’t, it’s just that this little monster pup always runs excitedly towards me with his tail wagging non-stop every time he sees me. He’d even stand up and put his hands on my shoulders (that’s how tall he is) because he is so happy. If not for his big physique and weight (he’s about 35kg now), I’d never push him away.

He is such a cutie I can’t even resist any thing about him. To think that I was rather against in them getting a German Shepherd initially, now I am the one who loves this boy to hell. I’d brush his hair every other time when I visit them, and he would just sit down quietly beside me, and even rest his head on my thighs when I work my stuff. While he lies on the floor, I’d lie on his tummy and rest together with him. He’d open Jon’s room door every morning when I stay over, give me a morning kiss and continue with his usual routine until I wake up to play with him. We’ll get quite wild when we play together (as Jon’s dad would say), running around chasing after toys and playing hide-and-seek together. There’s no one the house would play together with him like we do. When we bring him out, we walk him with pride because he is so handsome and charming, and he even looks more well groomed than most dogs we’ve seen. His physique is almost perfect (in my opinion).

And as I am writing this whole chunk about how much I love him, he is resting beneath the table where I am using the computer taking his short rest. Perfect companion.

So tell me, what is there to resist about this sweetheart? Sometimes he is even more irresistible than the boyfriend. (Opps!)

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