What have you achieved?

Chef’s Special: Chicken Cajun Cordon Bleu

Onion rings

Chunky Chicken Soup

Met up with my girlies after work today and it was really good. Dinner at The Handurger, followed by shopping and girly talks involving about our other halves, work and what not. What I love about being with this girls is that we always have in depth talks in the midst of all the jokes and laughter. Talks that got me thinking about the reality.

And at the end of the entire meet up, it got me thinking rather deeply – what have I achieved in life? I am not too sure what have I exactly achieved at the age of 21 (turning 22), and it almost feels like zilch. Not that the girls have brought me down, but I do feel very demoralized, and I felt too much like an underachiever in so many ways. (Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the entire meet up just that it got me thinking about what I want.)

I need to do/find more things to help me feel more fulfilled and accomplished.

More positive/happier things about the day: I came home to see my lovely boyfriend deep in his sleep on my bed, like a baby. Love is so beautiful.

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