Good Friday, indeed.

Who says good times never last?

Scallop Porridge

$1.60 hot chrysanthemum tea

The only one who calls me by this.

Have been so busy at work with me helping Jon’s Dad to supervise the staff at work to kick start a whole new system while the shop is undergoing renovation. Been so tired with work it leaves me knocking off almost instantly as soon as I lay on the bed. This day off from work spells a long weekend for me, and it may just be the last as long as I am in the retail line I guess. Definitely it is taxing on whatever that we need to do right for a kick start, but it is definitely a good start.

Good Friday’s lunch was spent with Jon and his folks, followed by meeting up with Stacey thereafter for a haircut in the evening – and yes, I’ve got a new hair style right now and I am loving it. It’s time for a change after having long hair for the past few years. It’s so funny how the hairdresser asked if I was sure to cut my tresses because I look good in them (or so he said). My hair definitely looks good on Day One, but the lazy me is surely going to have problem keeping it in shape since I don’t really blow my hair. /:

Jon came over to pick Stacey and I up, and we headed over to Geylang for dim sum together with Jeremy as well. I love having all the people that matters to me coming together. ♥ And after sending Stacey back home from our late dinner, we joined Jeremy’s friend for pool. The boyfriend’s left me quite impressed since I’ve never seen him playing pool before. (Well, I don’t even know how to play for a start so…)

Such a pleasant Good Friday. A good Friday indeed.

2 thoughts on “Good Friday, indeed.

  1. I like your dress/top (: It’s perfect for the upcoming summer season :D And you look awesome with your short hair! (:

    p.s: please eat more! you’re too skinny! hahah

  2. JEANETTE, It’s a romper actually! I love the prints. And thanks babe for your compliments! I am not skinny at all babe! I am eating as usual. D:


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