Sunday Brunch//Monday Dinner




Shoulder cut-out cape top from Zipia, pink trousers from Zara, Bracelet (forgotten where I got it), Earrings from Bugis, Bag and Jello flats from Far East Plaza.



Sunday: Brunch Breakfast for lunch with le boyfriend, Amanda and the boys at Wild Honey. As usual the crowd was quite crazy that we had to wait for an hour before we could get our seats, and that resulted in Monopoly deal. My third visit, and am still enjoying the food. And a pat on my back for the usually boring me who always orders the same stuff, I’ve actually tried out different dishes each time I visit this all-day breakfast restaurant. Coffee/wine/soda at Black to just chill out and play Monopoly Deal instead of walking around town because we’re all getting older.

Monday: Went to work despite it being my off day because there was just too much about work that I can’t get off my mind. But it was all good meeting up with Stacey for dinner at Sho Teppan, just because the girl had cravings for that. Got bubble tea and then we walked over to Far East to window shop. So much laughter with this girl I couldn’t walk any further and teared. We’re full of nonsense when put together – so much so I kept laughing to myself at our silliness on the train ride back home. Just can’t contain such happiness in me, I’m bursting in it. ♥

On a side note, I’m thinking of cutting my hair short. Like short short.

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