Fifth year anniversary dinner 

Le boyfriend looks exceptionally charming here. I’ve something for smart looking guys.

Soupe du jour. The chef told me what the soup of the day was but I didn’t know what it is, and still ordered it anyway. This was the first dish I tried, and it was the one that made me want to try out the mains asap.

Pan-fried foie gras. This was mind blowing. I always hesitated about trying duck liver and I never know that this french delicacy tasted so good it almost melted in my mouth.

Baby’s steak. I love the way they display the mash potato and the texture was unique. The portebello mushroom was heavenly, and as a non-beef lover, I thought that the beef tasted great too. Best of all? The beef was thick.

My main: Black cod pan-fried with prawn and asparagus risotto. The cod fish was so nicely pan-fried the golden brown was beautiful. And the risotto – it was amazing. Had a tinge of lemon taste and I have never tried risotto with a soup base like this with foam. The portion looked pathetically small but I was so filled up when I finished it.

Sequined bandage toga dress from NYC, bag from Far East Plaza, bracelet from Tiffany and Co, earrings and heels from Aldo.

Fifth year anniversary – Jon & I met up after his work and headed to the restaurant that he made a reservation at. I have no idea what was instilled for the night, except for the fact that we’d be having french cuisine for our celebratory dinner. Wanted to settle for Au Petite Salut but Jon had made the change in plans after hearing his colleagues raved about this place. Didn’t have much expectation of the place but boy, this restaurant impressed me from the moment we step foot into it. The service of the waiters/waitresses were polite (e.g. helping us with the door when we entered) and I love the ambience. Even more so for the fact that it wasn’t noisy. We got a quite corner all by ourselves. I enjoyed my dinner so much, and Jon asked if I’d want to come back for more. Yes is the answer. And for the first time, Jon and I felt bloated from fine dining.

Our anniversary was a simple affair just with the awesome celebratory fine dinner we had. Few days back, I kept disturbing Jon if I was going to receive a bouquet of 99 roses for this special occasion. No, no flowers was received but I was glad that he didn’t surprise me with a bouquet when we met up. While waiting for the boy to arrive from his work, I was wondering if he’d really buy a bouquet because I’d be so awkward if he did. I am so glad he knows what will make me happy. And I was even more impressed with him when we were deciding on what to have for our mains, he got it spot on as to what I was about to order. I really think that there’s no one else in the world that can understand me better than he does.

When we were back at my place, we were having some sentimental time together. Jon was looking at my collection of earrings on my earring rack, and started asking why didn’t I wear them anymore. Then he noticed that they were rusting and asked me not to wear them anymore. But this boy, he told me not to throw any of them away because they all hold sentimental values and started telling me what outfits I used to wear with which pair of earrings. He remembered them, and I never knew that he’d actually remember what I’d match with them. This boy is amazing.

Nothing makes your life better when the one you love wakes you up with a kiss on your lips when you are deep in your sleep, wishing you Happy Anniversary.

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