Our hearts aligned half a decade ago, and it still is.

Forget the air, I’ll breathe you instead.

I am so amazed at how time flies and it is already the fifth year and it just felt as though everything just started not too long ago.

We’ve come such a long way and we are both making plans to get our very own home together, striving hard for both our careers to work for our future together.

I like how we sit on the bed with each other taking a corner, arguing and fighting through the wee hours of the night, only with us hugging each other to sleep in the end. I love how we are almost cohabiting because we stay at each other’s place almost every day, yet we respect each other by taking a day or two off from each other to have some own personal me-time. I love the way that we are not excessively clingy to each other, probably because we are such an old couple. I love how you’d bravely bully me in front of my Dad and think that it is all okay, because all that results from it is to have my Dad joining in to joke about it. I love it even more when my parents wants to give you a duplicate key to our house, just because you are his son-in-law.

I love how we have changed over the years but compromised, all because we still want each other so bad.

People would probably think that we are a couple who take life too seriously – hardly partying, slogging our life with work/studies – but there is just a side of us that only the both of us would know. Traveling with you around the world to see everything and anything we have never witness before, experiencing our first times together. Cooking up a feast for an occasion, and we are not even sure if it is good enough to be consumed. I love how we’d experience so much of our first time together with each other.

And the best thing I actually love about us is that we actually carry out the plans that we have made. We’re realistic. We are real.

I am amazed at how a love that started when we 17 has brought us this far. 17 sounds so young, but we have made the right move ever since.

Forever is never enough.

Happy fifth year anniversary, sweet love. ♥

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  1. tearing when i read this.. so touching. jon is the happiest man on earth.

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