Fighting proves the power of love.

It’s a vicious cycle – we fight, we patch, and it all happens again. Despite it all, we still want each other badly. Love makes us whole. 

Ayam Penyat at Adam Food Centre

Substitute for the overcrowded KOI

Sending J for his weekly training


Mine: Portebello burger, Le boyfriend: BBQ Pork burger

Spent the Sunday at The Chau’s, and it saw Jon and I sleeping in after such a long time. Le boyfriend cajoled me to gym with him, and it was a really short session because I was feeling so lazy like a jelly. His grandma made awesome home-cooked mee siam for lunch, and then we lazed the early afternoon away before we had to help his Dad to run some simple errands. While waiting for J to finish his hour and a half training, Jon and I went shopping and that’s when I gave in to buy this Aldo electric blue pumps. The most expensive shoe I have ever gotten for myself, but the boyfriend approves of it because it looks beautiful. ♣ Dress ☑ Shoes ☑ Surprise dinner reservation by the boyfriend ☑ I am almost ready for our anniversary dinner this coming thursday! Now I need to dig out a bag that will compliment my outfit.

On a side note, Zara has an awesome collection of clothes for Spring 2011 and I am loving them all. Love all the vibrant colour schemes and I’d really want to get them in my wardrobe but no because the price is so costly. ): But the boyfriend would rather have me to buy clothes than getting a DSLR. /: I’d rather save up for a DSLR than a designer bag for some reason.

Quick dinner at Burger Shack to end off our day, and the boy sent me back home after that.

Even though there may not be much plans coming up this week, somehow it seems like it is going to be an exciting one ahead. Looking forward to spending good quality time! :D

And to end off…

These are the people that matters. At my Uncle’s wedding last week.

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