Billionaire // Rich in love

Lunch at The Soup Spoon 

Desserts at Ah Chew’s

Amanda’s beautiful YSL rings

Herbal jelly

Outfit of the Day
Chiffon blouse from Zipia, high waisted shorts from Bangkok, bag from Far East Plaza, Grunge bracelet from Far East Plaza
Not seen: Sandals from Bangkok, earrings from Cotton On.

Dinner at Ding Tai Fung

Another quality day off from work. Met up with Amanda for lunch and desserts, and we caught up over the meal. It was really awesome because for the past few months (if my memory didn’t fail me), we have only been meeting up together with the rest of the boys. Some good one-to-one girly time is much needed. It’s so good to be seeing this girl smiling, sharing the same feelings and thoughts about the issues we were talking about. Really love quality time with people that matters. (: Dinner with the boy after his work ended at Ding Tai Fung, and then we headed back to my place spent the rest of the night together.

A simple day, yet I am feeling so contented. (:

Life has been good lately. Work has been going rather smoothly, and I am just going to try my best to work harder and proof my worth to everyone, even myself. Let’s hope things will continue going on smoothly the way it should be. Also, I’m having a business plan in my mind and I hope that it can be realised. I am so glad that my boyfriend is supportive of the idea. Meanwhile, I should keep researching and save up! :D

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