Perfecto Domingo

Cooked lunch, chilly weather, poolside lazing, sleeping off my afternoon away.

Rejuvenating sunday.

Spent the entire Sunday just the way I wanted. Slow and steady, just trying to recuperate from the lack of rest. Slept in a little longer, then Jon & I woke up to prepare our home cooked lunch together. I made spaghetti (with asparagus, mushrooms, prawns and sausage), while the boy had the urge to make bruschetta again. The puppy was being so curious that he went around sniffing everything that we were cooking. He is sucha sweetheart, and I am sure if the way I pamper J would determine the way I pamper my kids, they would be spoilt to death.

Went down to the poolside after the rain has stopped to just laze around with the company of my boy & iPod, relishing the free time on my Sunday afternoon. The boy took a dip in the jacuzzi while I just wanted to stay dry for the day. My stomach has been churning the entire day it was causing me quite a bit of discomfort, so I took a nap after taking some pills that Jon’s mom gave me to soothe my tummy that was probably too bloated with air.

Just the day before, Jon and his family attended his cousin’s wedding. The first couple to get married from his generation to get married (from the paternal side). He told me how everyone else started questioning him when will it be our turn to get married and they are expecting us to be the next. I don’t know why but I find it quite amazing why will people start asking him questions like these because we are only 22, and he has yet to finish his studies. Just today, Jon told me that when he and his Mom was on the way to the supermarket (while I was taking an afternoon nap at his place), his Mom told him about one of his maternal cousin applied for a house together with her boyfriend already and asked him when would the both of us would want to do that. Since we do not have to pay for anything at this point of time and all we need to do is probably to just show our certificate of marriage when the house is ready, why not?

Applying for a house right now might just be what the both of us would want to do if the terms & conditions by HDB is to our favour.

I love how the both of us take our future together so seriously. I’m amazed that a relationship that started out when we were 17 would bring us this far. ♥

4 thoughts on “Perfecto Domingo

  1. I wanna invite myself to your wedding! dont need to send me an invitation card! i will appear no matter what hahaahha

  2. ESTELLA, Don’t be silly evil twin! You are always so hilarious! Will invite you and let you share a seat with Amanda at the reception table! q:


  3. YAY that will do! i will take up 90% of the seat cause my ass is fat and she is skinny. hohoho. can’t wait! i will be damn excited and help you plan your hen’s night! TEEHEE.

  4. ESTELLA, Hahah babe don’t be silly! It is probably not gonna happen until a few years more!


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