The Weekends.

The weekends never starts for me until Sunday. Jon & I were on the phone earlier, and we just complaining to each other how sian we were for whatever reasons/happenings that is going on in our lives. Sometimes I really wish that we’d already have a house of our own so we can just have our own space and do whatever we want. His presence is really comforting, and I really felt a lot better from the unhappy things that were going on. He is just like the getaway from life every day. I really don’t know how it’d be like when he goes back to Melbourne in July.

This week has been rough, and it is like a big emotional roller coaster ride. The non-relationship kind. And it just seems like everybody is stepping on my foot for some reason. Jon and I laid on my bed as I was sharing with him some of the most sensitive woes I had, and he was supposed to be the last person on the surface to know about it. But it felt so good to know that he can understand how I feel, and would want to do something for me just because he wants to.

Le sweetheart has suggested that we should have a destress cooking session this Sunday: waking up in the morning, cooking our brunch together at his place, then bring all the food down to the pool to enjoy our meal. A poolside picnic.

Sounds just exactly like what I needed.

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