I don’t even wanna explain.

So casually I’ve updated my facebook status to “STUPID BOYFRIEND SAYS GO ON DUTCH FOR OUR FIFTH ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Stupid!” and it has created a whole lot of commotion. Maybe I’ve asked for the commotion myself, but it didn’t even occurred to me that it would turn out this way since it was a really light hearted conversation between Jon and I. We even laughed over it together. Another of our silly couple bickerings as usual. Things that keep us happy together.

But for those who took it seriously, and thinks that I may just be another dumb girl who wants her boyfriend to settle the tab during meals (or our anniversary for that matter), I won’t bother explaining because we both know how much I am forking out for the long term commitments we’ve both laid out for the next few years till Jon gets a job and I am not even complaining. If I say I am not pissed at the comments with people questioning me about “what’s wrong with going on dutch” and trying to teach me some morals (or whatever you call it) about what is right, I am lying. It annoyed me because these people don’t know us (Jon & I) – how we are like together, to disturb and bully each other – to even try to lecture and teach us. It wasn’t even serious to start with, and it becomes quite a joke to see people getting all serious about it. I really didn’t care if people wanna debate about gender equality using this, but if it gets personal then I am not gonna sit there and let you spill your words and letting them get by like this.

And I admit I feel terribly sorry when people commented that Jon’s dumb/unromantic/insensitive, because it is none of the above in the scenario mentioned. So for people who insulted my boyfriend, please eat back your words. He is more generous with his love than you can have ever imagined. It’s funny how hardly anyone says how sweet he is when he does, but when something so casual that we said could deem him like this and me as probably – materialistic.

I don’t need and won’t bother to try changing your impression of me/my boyfriend, because we’re nothing like you think and I can just say it is shallow. People are just blind this way.

P.S: If this offended you, I am sorry but it pissed me off when I as read through (again) the words that people said.
P.P.S: I may not be a smart person, but I definitely know how to be a right person.
P.P.P.S: Comments off because I don’t want more unnecessary lectures, and I seriously don’t want to explain any further.
P.P.P.P.S:  Let me see if I’d delete this entry tmr morning and see if this entire chunk was written out of anger and shan’t appear on the surface ever.