It should keep going on

Face without makeup. Sunglasses from Rayban, lazy top from Cotton On.
(Not seen: Leggings from SoHo, NY. Grunge bracelet from Far East Plaza, Bag from Crumpler, Slippers from Havaianas)

A lazy Monday: Lunch with Soulmate, followed by $15 (promotional) face spa together at Sanctuary Beauty. Love the steam bath session together where we had some girly heart to heart talk in the midst of detoxing. Good facial services despite it being only at $15 and the skincare addict, as usual, decided to sign on a package with this beauty salon since it’s cheaper than the one I currently frequent anyway. Only with more services offered. Dinner with Matt after so long, and it was just good catching up on each other’s lives over a meal and some desserts. Bickered with Jon, and a few hours later we are back at where we were without doing much. A matured relationship gets rather amazing. Back home early and I packed my desk.

A lazy Monday. Glorious lazy day.

2 thoughts on “It should keep going on

  1. You don’t even need to put makeup please babe! You look gorgeous without makeup now (:

    Not like me, so many dark spots and pimple scarring :( Boohooo!

  2. JEANETTE, Well I’ve dark eye rings and a very sad looking face without make up to me! Hence the sunglasses! Apparently the eyes tells a lot about your face!


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