A weekend getaway

At Siloso Beach Resort.

At the private rooftop of the room.

Private jacuzzi

Baby surprised me with this.

Very pissed off with Julius for constantly hitting her hand so hard during Heart Attack.

Circle of Death

80% Redbull, 10% Vodka, 10% Coffee Powder.

The one who had to drink the weird concoction.


Cafe del Maar

After my work on Saturday night, I cabbed down to Siloso Beach Resort at Sentosa to join Baby and his friends for a birthday get-together. It was rather late when I reached there, but the guys were preparing their illegal BBQ at the private rooftop of the hotel room. The setting of the room was nice with a private jacuzzi on the rooftop too! But the roof was filled with the smoke from the BBQ. After the BBQ, I showered and took a nap while the rest of them were watching TV. And after that was Circle of Death! Weird drink concoctions, and loads of funny conversations. Jon and I slept at a corner of the floor because it was just too crowded. Took me so long to fell asleep and it caused me to be very sleep deprived. ):

The next day was spent at the beach, and the sun was so hot it burnt me. Didn’t help when I sucked at frisbee and when my head was feeling so heavy from the lack of sleep and the backache from the weird sleeping postures. ): I was so tired I feel asleep on the tram ride back to Vivo City.

The night was spent at the IT Show with Baby and Mingfa, and I was so tempted to get the Canon 7D. Not like I have the money now, but I am set on getting that some time soon when I have saved enough. Spendthrift mode is to be shut off, but I am still keeping that at the top of my wishlist. More than anything else. It’s weird how I’d rather spend money on cameras than to get myself a designer bag or something. /: Julius joined us for dinner, and we all played Monopoly deal after that! It was my first time and it was so fun! Not forgetting how dumb I was when the game ended. Can never forgive my own stupidity. D:

Who wants to play Monopoly Deal with me?! :D

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