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And the tweets of my fellow St. Marg’s girlies on twitter


  1. “No! Don’t be such a BIMBO! You know what is a BIMBO? B-I-M-B-O, BIMBO!” – Mdm Yeo #stmargsissofly
  2. Gasping and shouting “OMG!” when your classmate stands up & you know she has her period, just to scare her! #stmargsissofly
  3. When your earrings cannot be more than 5cm in diameter & prefects walk ard with a ruler to measure them. #stmargsissofly
  4. When Mr Hoo makes you apologise to your recorder for treating it so carelessly/dropping it on the floor #stmargsissofly
  5. During world cup, your classmates collect stickers & you start choosing ur bfs #stmargsissofly


  1. “Girls! Get a life PUH-LEASE, you still have to do your o’levels” mdm yeo #stmargsissofly LOLOLOL
  2. Did batik till late! And have amazin chicken rice parties in art room! @kellynting @SugarPanther @Pagleepeg @uchiaddict@karmunlim @farbrena
  3. Having many many cliques, but still very united people. Harhar. #stmargsissofly
  4. #stmargsissofly cos we have band 4 maths class before olevels. LOL.
  5. “girls, stop stealing the library books!” mr koh when the alarm went off 2x during library sessions. Lmao. #stmargsissofly


  1. “SHUT YOUR FACES,GIRLS! I CAN’T HEAR MYSELF THINK!!!” @muffinbites @kongbahpao @kellynting @farbrena @karmunlim@Pagleepeg @uchiaddict
  2. “If you want to do this means……..”#stmargsissofly


  1. #stmargsissofly when subway came to our school, we forgot about the rest of the stalls.
  2. #stmargsissofly if you are late, you always end up at THE GREEN WALL.
  3. #stmargsissofly Thanks to Mr Koh and Miss Kang, we got to know whats a “PERFECT 10” couple!


  1. #stmargsissofly cause we ex girls still love our sch so much we spam twitter. I ♥ & miss y’all Stmargaritasss (:
  2. #stmargsissofly we ARE the oldest girls’ sch in singapore & the far east :)


  1. Always getting warnings to not hang out w “your ACS boyfriends in sch uniform at serene centre”#stmargsissofly
  2. When they made us eat sweet potato on civil def day&everyone’s dying to buy a drink frm e vending machine but its unplugged.#stmargsissofly


  1. And we will just walk away RT @lizzawiizza#stmargsissofly“excuse me senior, can you pls pull up your socks?”
  2. When prefects ask us to go to the parade sq and we will ask them to shutup and make a grand entrance by entering late#stmargsissofly
  3. #stmargsissofly coloured bras were used as camp fire fuel. My poor black bra.


  1. Bookshop selling white bras ! #stmargsissofly


  1. The only time when you see St. Marg’s girls running – Recess Time#stmargsissofly
  2. “If you can find a leaf that looks like that for me, I will eat it up for you” #stmargsissofly
  3. When we stock up chocolate bars in our pocket & aim to be the last during Xcountry. Then Mr Anthony came screaming behind#stmargsissofly
  4. When our TAF girls stock up ice-cream sticks to avoid running more rounds <3 #stmargsissofly

The most unflattering period (appearance wise) of my life, but it is the golden prime time. I’d never switch something as precious as this for anything else. Just reading all the tweets on #stmargsissofly is making me laugh non-stop in front of the computer screen. I am so thankful that I aborted the decision to transfer out into another school when I was going to secondary two.

This is all too precious. The best secondary school life ever.

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  1. PRISCA, HAHAHA. Who cares about how cui we look back then! All we remember is the fun times! :D


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