The girl who deserves all the love in the world.

You’re awesome the way you are, and remember never to let anyone bring you down.

My green tea latte tasted too much like milk.

Tully’s @ Orchard Central

Asked this girl out to study with me, just to see how she has been doing from the recent happenings in her life, and in hope that she’d be able to concentrate a little better for her upcoming exams. But there’s always a time when you just want to let go of all things serious, and do something crazy and happy.

Endless photo booth-ing, laughing at our own ugly faces, and more camwhoring. I love to know that this girl is smiling, and even if making her annoyed will make her smile, I’d do it. (Think of being too hungry to run across the road before the green man turns red, with you beside trying to drag me and cheering me on to cross the road, but ended up with me running faster than you do.)

There’s something amazing about this girl, but only one lucky guy will discover it with his patience. And he’ll come along soon.

Meanwhile, I am here behind,  to watch and catch you, till he finds you. ♥

4 thoughts on “The girl who deserves all the love in the world.

  1. STUPID GIRL!!!!!!

    No.1: all my pics are so uglyyyyy omgahhhhhh.
    No.2: you can choose not to irritate me and make me smile -.- HAHA!
    No.3: i hate that i <3 you, cause you totally make me cry with this entry. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH )':

    i love you so muchhhhh. you are the one that i will love for life.

  2. STACEY, WHAT UGLY! Heh, so funny what! Remember how hard we laughed at ourselves looking at these pictures? I know irritating you makes you smile faster than anything, that’s why! Soul sisters ♥


  3. I love your blog too much now i cant stop visiting it! i need to go to kellynholic anonymous soon. HEEHEE.

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