Barely any room for air to run through our locked-fingers

With Sundays being my only off day on the weekends, it has become really precious to me. Stayed over at the boy’s place the day before,  and woke up real early the next day. Jerwin was bringing J to the car park for his daily training with a neighbour’s puppy! It’s so funny because the other puppy was suppose to be a distract to J while he was training. Well, training together was good because you can see the puppies looking at each other while their owners and teaching them, obviously wanting to play with each other!

Hi cutie, wassup?!

Had lunch at his place, and I was so sleepy I went to take a nap thereafter. The boy thought that I was bathing because we were supposed to go on a date together, and when he saw me sleeping he jumped on me and scared the wits outta me! I literally jumped out of bed and scolded him! D: But it was funny anyway, hahaha.

Went over to Prinsep street thereafter and we visited Strictly Pancakes! Have been hearing quite a fair bit about this place, and wanted to give it a try because it sounded really enticing, but only to be disappointed.

Grouchy after waiting for a while for the food, with a growling tummy. ):

Strawberry & co.

Trying to be the food critic he claimed to be.

The amount of food we left behind.

The pancakes were mediocre, and Jon commented that there wasn’t any taste to them at all, which I agreed. MacDonald’s hotcakes taste better, and there’s 0% exaggeration in this statement. Ambience was cosy, but the staff made the whole place really noisy by talking across the cafe. The boss really need to do something about his staff soon. I tweeted about it, and apparently there were quite a handful of people that replied saying that both the food & service was terrible.

Verdict: I am never going back there again.

On a side note, I am going to ban myself officially from buying anymore skincare products! I spent a bomb this month on it, because I’ve decided to get myself another set of Laneige products in its full range since I’ve been staying at Jon’s place very often and decided that it will be just another investment for a long period of time.

In addition, a few days back my new batch of MBD masks have arrived. Just in time to replenish my depleting supply!
Part one of my purchase.

Limited edition Ice-cream flavoured mask! Bought this in a bulk because I bet it smells so good heehee.


No more skincare for the next three months!

10 thoughts on “Barely any room for air to run through our locked-fingers

  1. JEANETTE, It’s very good in my opinion. Well, at least my face feels moisturized and there are no outbreaks so far! :D


  2. Hey babe! Mind sharing where you bought your MBD masks? Are they good? Thanks a lot! And have a great day ahead! :)

  3. Damn tempted to get it (: Maybe I should invest in the Waterbank series! How much did you spend in total & where’s the Laneige outlet? (:

    Sorry, I’m asking so much question :\

  4. ANON, I got it from an online supplier. (:

    JEANETTE, Go get it! I started out with the waterbank series and I am slowly shifting to the whitening ones since I’m quite into whitening haha. q: But they are both compatible as told by the sales person so I am having a mix of both in my daily skincare regime. I spent about 260+ for the basic set, and I got it from the Laneige from Isetan at Orchard! :D


  5. OMG! So ex! Hahahaha! The price to pay for beauty, lol! :P Anyways, thanks babe! (: Appreciate your help (:

  6. OH oh, does your basic set consist of the following?

    Power Essential Skin Refiner Light_EX $39
    Balancing Emulsion 2_EX $46
    Water Bank Essence_EX $60
    Water Bank Cream 2_EX $50
    Water Bank Eye Gel

    hehs! :P

  7. JEANETTE, Skincare is an expensive thing. ): I’m using most of the things you’ve mentioned, but a slight variation to it! :D

    Basic Skin Care
    1. Star White Skin Refiner – Discontinued, so it’s replaced with the new series – White Plus Renew Skin Refiner
    2. Balancing Emulsion 2_EX – Switching to White Plus Renew Emulsion
    3. White Plus Renew Essence – Used the water bank essence previously, and I like it better. Going to switch back to that 4. when my supply ends
    5. Water Bank Cream 2_EX
    6. White Plus Renew Eye Protector with SPF12PA+ – Day Care
    7. White Plus Renew Eye Serum – Night Care

    1. Sleeping Pack – But I got this on the plane when I was returning from LA because it was just so damn freaking cheap!)
    2. Sun block triple SPF 40PA++ – Has a slight tint as a make up base.
    3. Refreshing Cleansing Oil – Make up remover for face. Good for removing thicker face makeup, but I only use the Sun block triple for my face, which has to be removed via make up remover anyway.

    Basically I am trying out products from both the whitening and water bank range, trying out what would suit my skin better. But generally the whitening range cost slightly more. I got the water bank eye gel to put at Jon’s place so that I can just use it both in the day & night.

    If you’d want to buy some of the products and would like me to go down with you, let me know! The salesgirl whom I always buy from always give me abundance of samples for the other stuff!

    Heh, longest comment reply ever. q:


  8. Omggg, I’m so sorry for flooding your entry with comments that is of no link to your entries :( Hahahah! And thanks so much for your help (: I’ll let you know again ok? (:

    (think I’mm bbm you next time, hehs! :P )

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