Your smile tells me you’re exploding in happiness.

Time Check: 18:05. Location: Starbucks @ OCBC Centre

Spending a quiet Monday morning, doing something that would bring a smile to somebody who is worth it. (:

I’ve been spending the whole afternoon in Starbucks. Well, this was what I planned to do on this Monday. Slow and serene, just on my own.

I stayed over at Baby’s place, and J the alarm clock never fails to wake me up at about 8am. Doesn’t really help when this puppy knows how to open the door, and always wants me to play with him the moment he wakes up. And because of that, Jon and I can’t really get to sleep in whenever I stay over. He puts the blame on me, because J never does this when I am not around. /: Oh well, I am his playmate and that’s pretty obvious.

And lately, I’ve been a very light sleeper so that makes going back to sleep a little difficult. Wanted to do something nice for the boy, so I dated him for lunch the day before. But I had a small little surprise planned for him! (: Asked him to think of where to eat with good and cheap food, but I already had the intention to cook and takeaway some home-cooked lunch. By me! :D

Tomatoes, onions, garlic and butter rice!

Omelette rice, sausage wrapped in bacon and nuggets. Jon’s face lit up when he saw this. (:

Happy boy at lunch!

I made him treat me to a cup of Green Tea Frappe heehee.

Hungry boy.

Getting really sleepy after all the food.

I’ve been sitting in starbucks for about 6 hours now, waiting for the boy to knock off from work while I try to work on something for Optique Zone’s website. My eyes are burning from the long hours in front of the computer, trying to force myself to take visual breaks just like what I’d usually advise people. And my specs are causing me a headache since I don’t wear glasses for 20 years in my life. /: Second cup of Starbucks and it’s making my tummy bulge already.

In about 15 minutes, I’d see my boy again and I wish that every day would be like that. Simple, slow and serene. But bah, it doesn’t really help when my mind is all about work. This isn’t healthy at all. ):

Gonna stop facing the computer, grab a magazine, and enjoy my cuppa coffee. This is what life should be.

4 thoughts on “Your smile tells me you’re exploding in happiness.

  1. EVIL TWIN! so sweet i am dying nao of die be tees! hahahaha. make for me leh~

  2. ESTELLA, Don’t be silly Evil Twin! I think Ant can cook better than me, get him to make a meal for you! :D


  3. Hello, I just came across your blog and I find it really interesting reading your blog! You have an awesome bf I must say.

    I just read your past entries and that you just brought a Prada wallet? Just being curious, would you mind blogging what things do you normally keep inside your wallet? Haa! I know it’s being random. But anyway, I enjoy reading your posts, do blog more often :)


  4. XOXO, Thank you for your compliments. Hmmm, there’s nothing much I’d keep in my wallet other than the usual cards and just some cash. Hahaha, I don’t think what’s in my wallet is an entry-worthy. Perhaps what’s in my bag will. Will try it the next time round if I get the chance to. (:

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