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The last CNY visiting for 2011

I’ve been getting real lazy when it comes to blogging lately, and that explains this super long overdue entry. ):

Last Sunday, Jon & I was supposed to go visiting at Audrey’s place along with my other girlfriends! :D It’s quite like a tradition ever since secondary school, and it is really nice to keep it going on for years already. (: Anyway, I went over to Jon’s place first to just waste and laze the afternoon away. Some nice and lazy time spent together. (:

Jon’s Mom took out chocolate lava brownie and cheesecake for the both of us to eat. :D

We took a nap before heading over to Audrey’s place because we were quite tired. J was so cute because he came over to join the both of us and caught up on some rest too heehee. That cute little fella.

Jeanna picked the both of us up, together with Linda and Meilin who cabbed over to Lakeside! The whole CNY gathering was more like a blackjack session, and it’s almost the same for everywhere else I suppose! Pizza for dinner, lo hei, and more blackjack! Shoulds damn boring, but I had so much just being there with the people that matters. (: Even though there were people that we haven’t met in a while, but you know these are the people you’d never feel weird around with. It was really nice. (:

I had very good initial luck that very day.

I drink at an amazing speed, and started to place my empty packets with Jon’s. Then suddenly, everyone just started placing theirs with him too hahaha!


Audrey made pineapple tarts!

HAHAHA, funny picture from Dewei’s DSLR. I’ve no idea why I was giving Jon this expression.

We all have very nice side profiles! (Y)

My lovelies. ♥

One of the nicer cards I’ve got for round 2. Which I lost all my money that I won in round one. ):

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