Fifth Valentine’s.

and you’ve been the perfect valentine ever since.

Valentine’s Day wasn’t an extravagant occasion with the boy. The boy had to work, but we made it a point to have our vday lunch together! (: No flowers, no presents, just each other’s company and a simple meal.Gave the boy a treat at Overeasy, and I was surprised that it was rather quiet considering it’s Valentine’s Day. Settled on Overeasy because we haven’t tried it before, and it was within walking distance to le boyfriend’s work place. We ordered two set lunches which left us so filled up and sleepy after that, the boy refused to go back to work when his lunch break was over.

Bought sweets from Sticky as a small gesture to surprise the boy! ♥


Le boy’s

Le boy’s


I really can’t explain why I look so round. ):

The boy dragged himself back to work while I went to get my hair fixed, then back home to catch up on some rest since I was feel so sleepy after the meal. D: Finally went to get my hair treatment done because I think my hair’s in a state that’s so terrible I can’t even look at myself. /: When the boy ended work, his parents came over to my place to pick the both of us up, and off we went to IMM because we wanted to cook up a little feast at his crib! :D Jon’s plan of preparing prosciutto was ruined because they didn’t have the ingredients that he needed to prepare his food, so he changed to make bruschetta which turned out really good too! I LOVED IT SO MUCH! My boy’s amazing the way he is.

I cooked cod fish for the first time, and I think I really deserve a pat on my back because it turned out pretty good and there wasn’t any fishy smell at all! The fishy stench was so bad when we first opened it up, ewww! Well, credits to Jon’s mom for teaching me how to get rid of the stench! (:

The dinner turned out to be extremely filling even though it doesn’t look like there was enough to fill our stomachs! We’re making a point to make cooking our tradition on Valentine’s Day already! (:

Lil J sitting outside the kitchen waiting for me to be done with cooking, so I could play with him. Sooo cute!

Bruschetta, sauteed portobello, panfried cod fish.

We don’t need Valentine’s day to commemorate our love for each other. But Happy Valentine’s Day anyway, my sweet love.

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