CNY Steamboat Feast!

Relishing life through the company of friends and food ♥

On Sunday, Jon and I went to NEX shopping mall for the very first time. It didn’t seem as big as people has said it to be, and it was generally a boring mall without anything attractive to me. /: We settled at this Hong Kong cafe and had some desserts before leaving to my place to grab my Dad’s car.

Nothing attracts him more than food.

After we picked up my Dad’s car, we drove off to Sheng Shiong at West Coast to meet up with the guys + Amanda to grab some food for the steamboat session at Darren’s house later that night. We bought a lot of groceries, and went over to Darren’s place to prepare for the steamboat! I had so much fun that night, with the endless eating, card games and alcohol. I guess CNY is the time to gather everyone and just let loose isn’t it? (:

And based on Amanda, the steamboat session was 6 hours long. Oh god, it didn’t even feel that long when you’re having fun! :D

Groceries shopping!

Ying Yang

Amanda’s so fair is it impossible to achieve. ):

The feast that Amanda, CK and I prepared. While the other guys are nowhere to be found. And since Jon & I had to leave for a short while to do some visiting at his Uncle’s place nearby, I believe Amanda did most of the preparation.

Sorry we’re DRUNK

Lou Hei

Hahaha, Mingfa looks stunned.

The boy caught stealing food while the rest were too bloated to continue any further.

Their form of brotherly bond.

I am getting myself quite comfortable around this group of people I think they probably wish I wasn’t that close with them. Showing all my mischievous/playful/evil true self now! ♣

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