Lunar New Year 2011

Chinese New Year has gotta be one of my favourite festive season since I was a little kid. The thought of meeting with the cousins, who are all busy with their own family and lives now, all the good CNY goodies and the gambling fun. I love it all!

Day One

My very vain boyfriend who was styling his hair for the first time. In an extremely long time.

Love my nude Aldo wedges

So used to playing with big dogs the small ones seems so fragile. Not forgetting how big they make me look.

The Chaus put up all the pictures we took in our trip to the States in their living room.

Curious puppy.

Sleepy boyfriend. Tell me something new.

Driving to my Grandma’s

Jon can always click quite well with all my little cousins, nieces and nephews.

Then he told me: “要不如我门生几个来玩?” (Why not give birth to some for us to play with?) -.-“

The relatives. And more who were in the kitchen having their steamboat.

Day Two

Haiyooo why so cuteeee. ♥

At Jon’s Uncle’s place for visiting.

The kitten that they had called Tiger. It’s so small! Apparently it was a rescue kitten who almost died.

Visiting at Julius’ place

Trying to find our way via the GPS

Amanda freaking out my boyfriend with her non-living daughter.

Then her terrorizing acts turned violent.

Minni is born/created to be a good arm rest.

Loving my silly girlfriend. And that is not my Chanel bag.

Full attendance.

Ex-Kent Ridge students

KR boys. They said “Let’s imagine Amanda without clothes on!”…

…and this was the reaction followed after.

And then Minni decided to commit suicide upon hearing it. Heeheehee. Oh well, that’s how close this group of people are. (: Very heart warming.

A formal picture.

What they call taopok. Which means human stacking to them. The things that guys do.

Then they wanted to take a picture of all the KR girls. Which means there’s only one here.

Then there was two other sisters which decided to join her.

Well you have gotta love Amanda’s expression here. And check out the guys reaction to her weird behaviour.

Trying to do some trademark pose of their school. Obviously trying to reminisce about some of their good ol’ secondary school days. (:

HAHAHAHA AT AMANDA! Love this girl.

Julius couldn’t help but to burst away with laughter.

And while some of the guys left, and the others played mahjong. I got quite tired and decided to sleep at about 2am. I am really not a night person at all. /:

Ugly picture of me burying myself in all the pillows, taken by Amanda. Who invaded my twitter account and posted it up too. -.-“

Woke up at 7am, and this 4 guys were still playing. Oh god, kudos to their endurance.

Day three

Jeremy invited his friends, along with me and my brother over for a gathering with his friends. Oh well, a gambling session rather.  Their cousins came over shortly to join in too. Lost some money, and then I decided to just take care of the sleepy pup so he doesn’t go around barking at/scaring the guests.

Xingting caught me with the camera!

The game of poker which I didn’t know how to play. /:

And The Chau’s bought yu sheng!

I am on a mission to gain some weight because my Grandma said that I look too thin now it makes me look older. Ugh, it’s not like I’ve been eating lesser to lose weight. I am on a mission.

Next CNY, I am going to be back looking like I am 17. Youthful and pretty. HAHAHA.

Have a happy CNY you all! :D

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