I woke up in the morning, seeing the News Feed bounce on my Macbook’s dock. Saw that Amanda updated her tumblr, and this was what she wrote.

It made me go Awwww. I am going to be honest that of course it makes me smile and proud when people think that Jon & I are perfect together. But that wasn’t the reason why I smiled at what she wrote. How many friends can actually feel sincerely and truly happy when you are feeling blissful? And at the same time feels so proud of you for what you have built (and in this case, my relationship with Jon)?

Despite hearing all the shit and crap I complain to her about my boyfriend when the both of us fight, she still feels that we are awesome together. If Jon’s too much and upsets me, she tells him off for me. And if I am being ridiculous, she tells me off in my face. Nothing can make me happier when a friend can fully feel your happiness, and showers you with more of it by being happy for you. Like how she told us on the gathering at Julius’ place: “Eh upstairs got room, faster go make a baby so I can have my godchildren. I’d love them very much whether they are ugly or not.” She’s the kind that wants all the pretty stuff, and for her to say that it means and says a lot.

This is what that made me go Awwww. Jon told me: “If we don’t get married by 40, you can marry Amanda and be lesbians together.” She is going to get her glitter table at the reception during my wedding. I promise.

I don’t say it much. But she’s the girl I love a whole lot. I am keeping this friendship till my foot steps into the coffin. ♥


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  1. ^_________________________^ I love you and DON’T THINK U CAN SMOKE ME.

    “She is going to get her glitter table at the reception during my wedding. I promise.” At the reception. AT THE RECEPTION.


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