J at 10 months

This cute monster puppy has a way with my easily smitten heart. The way he looks at me with that innocent baby pair of eyes melts me all the time, and gets away with all the mischievous crimes he does. Whenever I enter the house, J will get so hyped up he pounce on my small body frame, runs around the house non-stop with his tail wagging vigorously I can’t even stop him. Jon’s Dad says that he doesn’t even does this to anyone in the family, heehee. When I settled him down, he laid on the floor, and rested his head on my legs. Too cute. Just too cute.

I was sleeping on the floor when I stayed over the day before because my legs were aching very badly and I wanted the entire space to stretch. And at 7am yesterday morning, J sneaked into Jon’s room to find me, laid beside me just to sleep with me for quite a while. It literally made me go awwwww so cute I was smiling even before I was fully awake.

But taking J out for a walk takes a whole lot of confidence. And obviously it is something I do not have since I don’t walk him a lot. When people see J, they get frighten because he is dark and big. And obviously if J decides to suddenly pounce on someone (like how he’d do to me), people would probably get injured. But he is so well behaved.

Bringing J for a training at the carpark. Trying to have him distracted without him running away and testing his obedience.

He was only 2 months old when we bought him. But look at him now!

This is the boy that I have learnt to love so much over the past 8 months.

2 thoughts on “J at 10 months

  1. I love reading about J! he’s so cute and smart! the video is damn awesome too! heheh he was watching u the whole time :D

  2. ESTELLA, HE IS WAY TOO CUTE! Love him so much! He was watching me all the time because he is secretly in love with me heh heh heh! I was kidding! He just doesn’t want me to wander too far away and not come back! Jerwin said that I must build up his confidence for me that I’ll return, that’s when he will not run off while we discipline him! COME OVER AND PLAY SOON! :D


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