The last day of my amazing month-long trip ✈

Where we go we don’t need roads

Day 29 in Los Angeles, 6th December 2011

The last day of our month long trip of flying, driving and walking all over the states! On that day, it was a relief to know that we’d be home in no time. But now I’m missing all of it already. ):

So anyway, the weather in Los Angeles was awesome after being to all the cold places – Boston, NYC and Washington D.C.! 19 degrees, and it was chilly. (: I thought I was feeling a little cold so I wore my coat, but then it got a little too warm too quickly. Decided that I might as well just have it off.

I love vitamin water. And Jon says I am high maintenance just because of that. -.-

Lunch from SOY because I love it!

I look really hungry with the chopsticks so wide open.

The car we rented for the day. Figured that it’d be cheaper for us since cabbing in the states cost a bomb.

The last day was spent going to all the places that we haven’t been to (or rather, I haven’t been to), and Jon’s dying to bring me to these places which he has been talking about. The first stop for the day was his school campus. USC is quite huge and it really seems like a nice environment to be studying in!

University of Southern California

The mega huge bookstore at USC, which Jon has been dying to bring me to.

Oh yes, it is a few levels high!

And this is the department that Jon wants to show me…

They’ve got a whole level just for the shcool’s merchandise! Anyway it’s quite crazy. Jon says that the school football matches go on TV and have fans. Like, really fans from the public.

They even have clothes for toddlers! :O

Physical Education Building

Drove off to Rodeo Drive next! And that’s where all the celebrities love to go shopping at. We probably don’t know where Rodeo Drive is, but you definitely would know it as Beverly Hills! (: It felt like LA for some reasons. Everything there is very neat and clean, and the outlook of the entire place looks really neat and beautiful! Of course I didn’t buy anything from there because it just spells luxury. Well, they do have some lower range items but I wasn’t really keen. Some of the brands I wanted to see wasn’t there though, or perhaps it was a little too far away and we had some time constrains. ):

Thought that this was a very nicely blurred picture

Outfit of the Day
Hoodie sweater by American Eagles, Scarf from Cotton On, Leggings from Cotton On, Boots from Hong Kong, Bag from Crumpler

Drove off to Griffith Observatory to catch the view of Los Angeles from a hill top thereafter! A very beautiful view of the sky a long the low lying structures (except for a specific area where all the high buildings are located at)!

Drove off to Rowland Heights to have dinner with his relatives for the last time before we set off to the airport. Had chinese food, but it was something that I have never tried before! Ordered some spicy noodles and I loved it! It’s weird how all his cousins (I think) doesn’t take spicy food because all of us do! Perhaps that explains their good complexion too. D: But the noodles was so soft and good, love it!

Drove off to the airport thereafter, and off we go on a 14 hour long journey to Taipei. Thank God both Jon and I slept through the first 10 hours without any disturbance and that’s where majority of our flight went to! I guess this made the flight journey less tiring and dreadful as it was supposed to be. Phew!

My low fat meal

Jon’s regular meal

(P.S: Upcoming entry on a half day stay at Taipei! q:)

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  1. EMILY, Hahaha, it is very comforting to know that it is very healthy despite being a little bland. Need to shed flabs!


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