An extended day at Washington D.C.

Day 28 in Washington D.C., 5th January 2011

We had an extended day in Washington D.C. But not the way we would hope it would be. Jon remembered the time of our flight as 3pm, only to know that it was at 10am when we were at the bus stop waiting for a bus to the airport. At 12pm. We decided to take a cab, which cost us USD60, to the airport because we wanted to catch the next earliest flight back to LA to catch People’s Choice Awards.

But I guess it is fated that we would not be able to catch the PCA. Arrived at the airport, and there was a plane that was departing, and it saw us running across the airport. But the security check at the airport was so slow and the airport staff refused to let us go through the queue because for some reason the boarding pass didn’t have our boarding time (while all the others had it). Then we had to take a train to our boarding gate. And when we finally arrived, the plane just closed its doors and started departing. HOW UNLUCKY WERE WE?! )’: We had to take the next flight which would see us arriving in LA at 11pm. And that would mean that the PCA have already ended. If only we caught the plane that departed before our eyes, we would have a chance of catching the event. ):

Sigh, it still upsets me that we have missed this event. To know that we would catch so many big hollywood celebrities all at a go. Probably the saddest day for the both of us throughout the entire trip. ):

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