The Capital City of USA!

City of Museums, and more museums!

Day 27 in Washington D.C., 4th January 2011

A one day stay in Washington D.C. was an eye opener, but a pity that I fell ill on that day and we didn’t get to cover as much as we intended to. Felt really bad because Jon had to take care of me, and ended up having to spend most of the time with me back in the hostel instead of going around to sight see. ): At the same time, I was really thankful for having this boy around with me because he really took care of me with no complains, and made it feel like I am home when I am feeling so horrible physically. ♥

My ♣ boyfriend. Priceless and precious.

Woke up early in the morning to join the hostel’s free tour to the Library of Congress! To be honest, I don’t know what this place was about until I was there. Apparently it is the biggest library in the world! And a scene of National Treasure featured this place too, but I am not too sure if it was filmed here because it’s like some highly confidential place and we can’t really take pictures in a lot of their exhibits.

Anyway, we walked over to the Library of Congress from our hostel, and I thought it was a short walk but no it was a very torturing (approx) 20 minutes walk. Up hill omgggggg I swear it was more exhausting than running on the treadmill. /:

Some pictures of the streets in Washington

Newspaper booths. Loads of them.

I really have to say that Washington is the cleanest city I have visited in the states. Everything’s so neat and clean! (Y)

Archives of the United States of America
And the streets of Washington is just filled with buildings like these. Museums, some political buildings, go figure.

It was quite cold that day despite the absence of snow.

More of such buildings. Jon said that our City Hall back home pales in comparison to all of these.

Library of Congress

Hahahaha, I signed Jon off as Jackie. And tried to write it in his horrible handwriting. q:

Photography was forbidden, but I secretly took a snapshot of this place. This was the place in the library that made me go WOAHHHH! Yupp, restricted area too (but we were standing at the viewing balcony).

We went on separate ways with the group after that and made our own exploration of the city. As we walking randomly, we chanced upon the Museum of Air and Space, and we went in because we were curious! It was filled with aircrafts and probably quite enriching, but we left after a while because we wanted to cover as much of the city as possible.

Walked over to Chinatown for lunch because I was so sick of eating what the Caucasians eat for their everyday meal. D:

Museum of Air and Space

A piece of rock from the moon. I’ve touched a piece of the moon! (Y) Very smooth like granite.

Feels like dried and compressed powder. Wanted to buy a pack to try but it was quite expensive. /:

The thing I ate, which caused me to feel unwell for the rest of the day.

I only had a bowl of sour and spicy soup for lunch, and I was feeling rather unwell. We went back home to our hostel to catch up with some rest, but our hour-long rest turned out to be 4 hours long. -.-” We were really exhausted and tired.

We finally dragged ourselves out of the bed in the late afternoon to do more sight seeing, but that’s when my body started to feel really sick and unwell. But I still managed to survive the long walk to the White House.

Very beautiful twilight setting

The White House

We could only take pictures of the outside because entry was forbidden ever since the 911 incident. (Or that’s we heard)

I handed the camera to Jon because I was too sick to be going trigger happy on my camera. ): I was really damn sick I was really pale. I could barely stand for long. Had to squat down/find a place to sit down every once in a while.

Apparently there are 50 (smaller and shorter) pillars that represents the 50 states in USA

Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool. Jon wanted to visit this place but I was really too sick to walk over. We could see a magnificent and gargantuan statue of Abraham Lincoln from where we stood! (And that’s if we saw the right thing since we were standing so far away)

We walked back to the hostel immediately because I really couldn’t take it any further. Felt like vomiting the whole time but nothing came out, and our 15 minutes walk back home became half an hour because I had to stop every feel metres I take. ): Jon went out to buy dinner while I stayed in the hostel to rest. But I felt terrible because I didn’t even ate a mouth of what he bought because I felt like puking. ): And Jon went out to grab dinner only because I said I wanted food since my stomach was growling.

Jon’s really the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for taking such good care of me so endlessly my love. You probably have no idea how thankful I am for you. ♥

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