The last of NYC

Skylines and a bit more sight seeing of NYC. And as I was resizing the pictures, I’m already starting to miss NYC. ):

Day 26 in New York City, 2nd January 2011

It was the second last day at NYC, so Jon and I decided to cover more places that we must visit before we leave the city. The first stop was Top of the Rock at Rockerfeller Center! It was quite a great view looking at the skyline of NYC from about 70 floors above! And it was quite amazing to see how big Central Park was, and I am not kidding when it takes up a big area of Manhattan!

When we were done, we went shopping at Fifth Avenue! :D Shopping always brightens me up heehee. One good thing about shopping in the states is that you are good to refund any items that you decided not to have as long as it is not used and the receipt is still with you. For a month! If only Singapore has such shopping policies too!

Jon stopped in the middle of the subway station to finish playing the game on my iPod. -.-

Some scene projected on the lift’s ceiling while we were making our way up the roof.

Manhattan. If you can’t tell how big Central park is, the entire flat ground (covered with snow and greens) slightly towards the left is it. It’s HUGE!

Gotta admit my fear for heights was triggered a little.

Rockerfeller ice skating ring

Rockerfeller Center

Shopping at Fifth Avenue

I’m quite amazed that Forever 21 is located beside Bottega. :O

The original Tiffany & Co.! The reason why I call it the original is because…

727 Fifth Avenue, New York 10022
The exact address that’s engraved on Tiffany charms!

Got myself this classic pair of earrings, and Jon say now this pair has an added value for it haha!

6 floors high

Hahaha, can’t believe we found this in Fifth Avenue!

Went over to the tkts ticketing booth at Times Square to grab some broadway tickets for The Phantom of the Opera, but apparently it wasn’t showing that day. )’: After queuing for awhile, we decided to go over to T.G.I.Fridays for our early dinner. Just two appetizers as our mains was good enough to fill us up!

Grabbed some nuggets from MacDonalds while trying to queue up for Broadway tickets

Lunch at T.G.I.Fridays

Potato Skin

Buffalo Wings which wasn’t spicy at all. /:

Went over to the Empire State Building for more sight seeing of NYC’s skyline but in the night! I swear the night lights was so beautiful it was breathtaking. But I guess that’s partly because I’ve something for night city lights. Jon and I concluded that the brightest part of NYC that we can see from above must be Times Square because it is always so bright due to the large billboards!

Audio tour guide

I bought 4 bras, 3 underwears, and a bikini from here. Totalling to $195. And that’s more than what I spent at Tiffany’s. D:

Day 27 in New York City, 3rd January 2011

The last day in NYC and I insisted that I wanted to do some shopping and I wanted to visit SoHo just before I leave this city. I have always heard of this place on the net but have no idea what it has to offer there. Almost wanted to give it a miss, but I am so thankful that we went there in the end! It was a shopping paradise oh gosh! And the best thing is that I can find cheap and affordable clothes there, how awesome is that! :D

After shopping, we went over to the Lower East Side to have some Indian Curry for lunch. Jon’s friend had told him about this place which serves this insanely spicy curry and he wanted to give it a try. Tried it, and it was indeed spicy. But it didn’t taste fantastic, just pure spicy and that was it.

Italian breakfast buffet, which we didn’t go for any second round. Filling to the brim.

We walked pass this building that has an interesting name – People with A.I.D.S Plaza


Necessary Clothing! I went crazy in this shop! So many pretty and affordable dresses! But I only got 2 in the end. /:

Lunch at the Lower East Side

Some mega huge chocolate shop

Went back to our hotel to collect our luggages, and off we went to catch our coach to Washington D.C! Took a cab because of our insane amount of luggage which made traveling by public transport impossible.

Bought Chinese fried rice to eat on our coach ride!

Missing shopping in NYC already! ): Next up will be on our one day stay in Washington D.C.! :D

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