The first day of 2011

Liberty Island. Ground Zero. Wall Street. Museum of Sex. Grand Central Terminal. Times Square.

All on the 1st of January 2011

Day 25 in New York City, 1st January 2011

Woke up early in the morning because we had quite a lot of places on hand to visit for the day. All of them on the first day of the year! :D Grabbed some breakfast from a bakery near our hotel, and we ate it on the subway because eating wasn’t banned. While walking to the subway, an American smiled to the both of us and said that we were a pair of good looking couple, heehee! What a nice way to kickstart 2011! :D

The first destination for the day was to visit Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty! Thanks to the New York Pass, we managed to get into the Reserved line and cut the long queue that was already there before we even reached! We took a few pictures and walked around a little, and headed back to Manhattan.

Our breakfast

Jon’s sandwich

My wrap

Looking at the buildings in NYC while we were on the cruise ride

The sun was shining so brightly I could hardly open my eyes

Some weird looking toy that was being sold in the Liberty Store

Got ourselves some souvenir too!

At the back of this copper coin, it says “Same thickness as the Statue of Liberty”

Next up was to visit Ground Zero, the previous World Trade Center site till the 9/11 tragedy. I thought it would be a flat piece of ground that just remained the way it was after the cleaning up of the incident, but how wrong was I! There was an ongoing construction, and I guess they’re building something called National September 11 Memorial Plaza. And since there was nothing much for us to look around Ground Zero, we walked over to the 9/11 Preview Site which was closed as well. ): But there were some firemen who helped in the rescue of the 9/11 incident having a mini autograph session while selling some of the books.

Walked over to Wall Street because it wasn’t very far away. Jon seemed to really enjoy exploring this whole area and told me that he aspire to work in one of these high rise commercial buildings one day. It really makes me feel glad that this boy has got some ambition that’s spurring him to strive hard for his future, and I must say he has been impressing me in ways that I’ve never said or mentioned.

Where this boy wish to be working in some day.

New York Stock Exchange

Met up with Apple and Nelson again at Madison Square Garden, where it was supposed to be like Staples Centre in LA where the basketball matches were played in. But Jon said that Staples looked better, which I kinda agreed.

Went off to the Museum of Sex together thereafter because it was rather interesting. But the thing is that we only went into the shop, which was located before the enterance, and it was amusing/fascinating enough that we decided not to buy the tickets to visit the museum haha!

A mega huge post office

Our lunch. Love my salmon sandwich.

Condom Lollipop. Hahaha, I like this packaging.
Mosex. Museum of Sex. Mo(re) Sex. So Smart, what an interesting pun!

After that, we took a subway to Grand Central Terminal! Jon never had this place included in the list of places to visit until I’ve mentioned it because he didn’t know what/where this place was. Not until we were there, then he recognized that this was where the first episode of Gossip Girl was filmed at, and some of the Victoria’s Secrets model shots were taken at. Quite a popular place for filming. And the place was beautiful and grand!

Hahaha, Nelson in the background.

Went over to Applebee’s for dinner, which was located rather near Times Square. Dinner was alright, but it didn’t quite fill me considering that the portion isn’t very big. /: Went over to Times Square (yes, again) to take more pictures! But that’s because we never went to Times Square in the night before, and it was so bright with all the lights from billboards all over we don’t even need to use flash to take pictures!

Apple and my iPod covers, and it was pure coincidence!

I love this shot! Never knew that my fisheye lenses could cover 360°!

Hahaha, so cute!

Subways everywhere

3 more days worth of NYC entries to come! Oh god, so exhausted from blogging about it already. D:

2 thoughts on “The first day of 2011

  1. Harrow! now that you’re back i shall tag! u are damn hardworking la. i always get lazy when it comes to blogging about overseas trips cause there’s so many things happening in one day! well done u. ahahaha. had fun today evil twin! :) ruvvvv u!

  2. ESTELLA, Evil Twin! I am not hardworking to blog, it is just that I’d really want to be able to recall everything I did while I was away! So I can smile and remember all the fun when I read back! I had fun today too, meet up again soon! :D


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