Last day of 2010 in NYC!

Day 24 in New York City, 31st December 2010

It was New Year’s Eve, and NYC is the place to be in! :D Went to Times Square in the morning, for what reason I can’t really remember, but we started taking more pictures of the area. All the stage for the New Year countdown was already set up and it was already packed with people considering it’s just the morning.

Grabbed some breakfast from Starbucks, because apparently that’s one of the cheapest things we can find at that point of time.

Reduced-calories blueberry muffin

Jon ≠ Don

Broadway musicals

Went off to the American Museum of Natural History, which was really huge and had a whole lot of stuff inside! From astronomy to dinosaurs, to ecology to the evolution of humans. We didn’t even have the luxury of time to cover the entire museum!

The New York City PASS is really value for money! Each booklet cost about USD70+, and you just need to visit a few of the many places covered inside and it’d easily be more than what you paid for. Also, we managed to skip loads of long queues and got into the express/reserved/VIP lanes thanks to it! :D

Walked over to Central Park thereafter to meet up with Apple and Nelson! (: Took beautiful pictures at the park, and we walked over to Fifth Avenue to check out the amazing underground Apple store which was flooded with people!

Walking in the snow instead of proper pathways because my weather-proof boots allows me to! :D

Open ice-skating ring which was so beautiful.

Snowy landscape, with tall buildings and a beautiful sunset in the background. Perfect.

If you don’t already know, the building behind the Apple store isn’t the store. The entire glass panel is the window right above the store!

Mad crowded at Times Square. The place to be in for a big New Year’s Countdown. That’s if you don’t mind queueing up for 10 hours, followed by another 3 hours (at least) to get out when the event ends.

Policemen on horses

Walked over and stumbled upon this korean restaurant called BonChon, and I highly suspect that it is the same store as what we have over here in Singapore known as 4Fingers! Truth to be told, I prefer the one that we have back home. The chicken is so much crispier and more delicious! :D

Looking at the map trying to figure out which way to go.

Took the subway to Columbus Circle, where we walked over to Central Park again to build some snowman as a way to countdown to 2011 rather than squeezing in the crowd for hours at Times Square. It was quite an experience, and I never knew that building a snowman could be this difficult and tiring!

NYC has the dirtiest subway stations. Really.

Our snowman!

The crowd queued all the way from Times Square to Central Park just to have a piece of the countdown!

When the clock strikes 12, we caught a glimpse of the fireworks at Times Square and also on the other side at Central Park! Somehow I felt that the atmosphere back home was better. /: But that could be due to the fact that we weren’t in the massive crowd, or the fact that I had my precious friends by my side.

But it’s a whole new different experiencing welcoming a New Year in the snow (and the cold)! (:

The last month of the year was spent having fun and experiencing new things that I never expected I’d. Let’s hope that the bad will stay in 2010, and more good things will come in 2011!

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