In 2010.

This came late, but I still want to do this anyway.
  • Went through the dreadful FYP (but with really awesome group mates) and graduated with a Diploma in Optometry
  • Went on a weekend getaway to Kukup and a graduation trip to Bangkok with some of my fellow DOPT peeps
  • Got a job and started giving my parents allowances.
  • Turned 21, and had a awesome surprise birthday party planned by the sweetest boy ever along with my awesome friends. ♥
  • The year that I got the most gadgets – Macbook Pro (a surprise birthday gift from Baby), LX-3, LX-3 fisheye lenses, Blackberry Bold 9700, iPod Touch
  • Travelled on my own for the first time for the biggest trip in my life – a month long holiday in the states
  • Realised that Singapore is probably the place I want to be in, and all other places are just good for holidays.
  • Bought my first designer item – Prada Wallet
  • Stopped taking a single cent from my parents ever since I graduated. Meaning that I’ve fully funded all of the above spendings by myself! (Achieved a very huge sense of independence and achievement)
  • Probably the year that I spent the  most money in too. /:
  • Thankful for the awesome friendships I have. People who stood by me and went through everything with me, and held me close/through all the unhappy times.
  • Made some friends, lost some.
  • Still with the same amazing boy since 2006

But hey, Happy New Year!

It’s a brand new year and I have no idea what’s installed for me this coming year. A little worried about what might be coming, but I am going to handle them in whatever grace and patience I can if possible. So much personal achievements I want to achieve by the end of the year – mainly career related, character development, emotional and physical well-being – but I shall keep them all to myself as a constant gentle reminder.

I hope everyone of you will have a great year ahead. With the ones you love, with the ones who deserves your love. (:

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  1. Hi im a passerby and i was just wondering, where did you get your fisheye lens from and for how much did you get it for? :D

  2. CLAIRE, Hi, I got it at Lucky Plaza and it cost about $125 (if I remember correctly) with an adaptor for LX-3. (:

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