Welcome to New York City!

Experiencing all that we’ve seen on screen! :D

Day 23 in New York, 30th December 2010

We took on a coach from Boston at 2am, and the both of us slept through the entire 4 hours ride. Thankfully we fell into deep sleep or else the both of us would be so exhausted by the very next day!

When we arrived at New York, it was really cold and there was so much snow around it’s madness! The coach had problem trying to move out of the snow that it was stuck it. Yes, the driver took almost 5 minutes just to get the vehicle going from the mess the snow has caused!

What’s worse for us followed after where we had to go through the same arduous procedure of carrying our luggage up and down the stairs in the subway because we still wanted to save on the cab fare. But it was really insane trying to carry 4 big bags and the fact that the absence of elevators just made it worse. /:

Arrived at the hostel that Jon booked our accommodation in, only to find out that he booked the wrong dates! D: He booked it a month earlier than the actual dates. ): Being stuck in the cold with nowhere to stay was quite a bad thing, but thank God that I manage to find another small hotel just a block away which had relatively good rates, and it’s a hotel which means we didn’t have to share our toilet with anyone! We were very lucky to have found this place!

The mess the snow created. The snow can get really dirty by the roads it turns grey. It has gotta be the next most disgusting thing after mud if you haven’t got yourself a proper pair of footwear.

The first breakkie in NYC

The first place we went to after we settled down was to visit University of Columbia. The school that Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl studied in! q:

University of Columbia

Took the subway to Central Park and it is seriously the biggest park ever. You can see it significantly in the map of Manhattan because it’s right smack in the centre! Bought our 7-day Metro Pass, and we made good use of it from all the traveling via the subway! Anyway, it was quite a beautiful sight with all the snow covering the entire park, seeing people walking their dogs in the snow and letting them run freely.

A cup of green tea latte to keep us warm in the cold

Playing with the snow heehee

Hahaha, putting our drink in the snow to free our hands

A random snowman that someone built with much effort!

Walked over to the mall opposite the South of Central Park (right outside Columbus Circle, and I can’t quite remember the name) to grab our lunch. And then off we went to Times Square!

Our lunch!

Times Square is indeed a very bustling place in New York, and it is always so crowded with people! But because it’s so crowded, I kinda dread walking around that place. /: And I don’t see anything that might catch my eye in terms of shopping! Gotta admit that I felt a little down because I didn’t know where were the places that I must go in NYC for a good retail therapy!

A screen that has a camera somewhere above and you are literally captured on screen. Live!

At a mega huge Toy’R’Us, which has a Wonka corner!

Through the trip, Jon was quite into what his financing career will lead him to.

In search for the NYC pizza, which is supposedly very soft? This wasn’t to his expectations though.

Buskers inside the subway, and there were plenty of them!

We got a little tired by mid afternoon because of the long traveling hours earlier, so we headed back to the hotel and took a rather long nap. Woke up at around 10pm and we headed out for dinner at a nearby American Diners. No pictures were taken, but we ate a feast that night it was so sinful! D:

Our rather good find for a hotel at an affordable price. Lucky us!

The boy planning for our itinerary for the next day!

New York City’s really quite a bustling city and it was a real eyeopener, I loved it! And four more days of NYC entry to come! :D

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  1. Hi there,
    may I know the name of the hotel that you guys staying in NY? bunch of thanks before :)


  2. KRISTINA, Hi babe, I’m so sorry I can’t remember what is the name of the accommodation and I can’t seem to find it in any in my NYC entries. ): Sorry! Wish I could be of better help to you. ):

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