A day and a half in (snowy) Boston


Happy 2011 everybody! :D

Haven’t go the chance to blog because the internet connection I’ve been getting was terribly slow, so this is all I can squeeze out for now! I guess the rest will have to wait till I get back home!

Day 21 in Boston, 28th December 2010

Jon and I woke up an hour late because I snoozed the alarm and headed back to sleep. Thank God we didn’t miss our flight! Seems like there’s always some kind of commotion when we are taking domestic flights. /: Checked in our luggage, and we were on an hour odd journey to Phoenix, and a transfer to Boston which was the longest four hours ever. I swear December 2010 has gotta be the month that I’ve taken the most number of planes ever, it’s making my head spin! /:

Fruits and Maple Oatmeal for me who wasn’t feeling very well. ):

McSkillet Burrito

Naked + sick face. ):

When we arrived at Boston, it was so cold the amount of snow outside was crazy! I mean, I guess it’s probably because I have never really seen that much snow in my life ever before too. /:

Checked in at the hostel that Jon booked in, and it was my first time staying in a Hostel! No complains though, because it wasn’t really a bad experience and we were trying to look for the cheapest (yet reasonably comfortable) option available.

We walked over to Prudential Center and had dinner at <i>Legal Sea Foods</i> because Jon said that it sells good and fresh seafood. We only ordered a bowl of Fish Chowder and a main dish to share, and we were so bloated up already!

Fish chowder


The walk back to the hostel was a little annoying because the GoJane boots I got (which wasn’t made for the snow) soaked up all the water and my feet became really cold it was numb. /: There was a huge need to buy a pair of waterproof boots since we were heading to NYC and Washington as well.

Day 22 in Boston, 29th December 2010

Woke up real early the next day because we wanted to explore Boston as much as we can since we only had a day in Boston. We got ourselves a one day ticket for the trains, called T, and the first place we went was the world’s top university – Harvard – which was located in Cambridge! Oh gosh the campus was so beautiful! :D

By the way, I didn’t know that we were going to Boston, Massachusetts! I thought we were in Boston, New York the whole time before I arrived! /: How can one country have two cities of the same name (except that it’s a different state)?!

The room that we stayed in was supposed to accommodate 4 people, but we were quite lucky to have the entire room to ourselves!

The T train

Our one day passes

The station

At Harvard!

Look at how deep the snow was!

And if you couldn’t visualize from the picture before…

Harvard student wannabe

Hahaha, failure who can’t write his name properly!

Harvard Square

The frozen river

Hahaha, and the ducks trying to cross it!

I chased after Jon at the back secretly with this two big block of snow, waiting for the right time to surprise-attack him. But he turned around too quickly. ):

After we were done with looking around whatever we think we need to see in Harvard, we had Vietnamese food for lunch! Ordered Chicken Pho while Jon ordered Beef, but apparently my soup tastes sweeter and better than his! Oh well, I am not a fan of Beef anyway, but you gotta believe it when Jon agrees too!


Before we headed out to our next destination, we both desperately went to buy waterproof boots because it is no joke wearing normal footwear in the snow. The water gets in and you get so uncomfortable (because it’s wet)! On top of that, the snow makes your feet feel so cold you can barely feel your toes as you walk! We discard our useless (and cheap) footwear right after that.

Outfit of the day
Down from American Eagles, knit top from Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Jeans from New Future, (newly bought) boots from The North Face, Beret from Bugis Street, gloves from Hong Kong

Jon took a really long time at Aldo to find his pair of boots! He kinda regretted not bringing his army boots, hahaha.

Our new water proof boots to help us survive the snow!

Next up, another world famous institute – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T)! The buildings were a little more modernised but there were still a few structures that had a tinge of old American architecture. And the snow that was covering the campus, it was quite a beautiful sight. It wasn’t the dirty disgusting black snow by the roads, but smooth, white and soft ones!

Jon was saying how amazing it is for Boston, a small city, to have two world-class universities. There must be some really smart genes circulating around this city! (Haha, okay this sounds ridiculous but funny!)

At M.I.T

To show how strong the wind was

How deep the snow was

Retarded boyfriend trying to throw this block of snow down to see if it could break the ice!

The snow covered the entire car!

And I wanted to write Good Luck. HAHAHA!

Covered both the schools that we wanted to visit, and off to the streets we went! :D We wanted to cover the whole of Freedom Trail, but we only selected a few places to visit instead. First stop was Faneuil Hall Market Place, and there was Quincy Market too. I bet Jon loved Quincy Market because it was an entire market of yummy food! :D I like the concept of the entire place too. (:

Trying to put on some lip treatment for Jon because he fails at doing so!


And later that afternoon (when the skies got a little darker already), there were beautiful lights that were hung around the streets. It was so beautiful.

Went to Fenway Park where all the baseball matches were played, but we didn’t do much there because the stadium wasn’t open. It was literally “see and go”!

Went back to the vicinity of our hostel, and I went to Apple Store and bought myself an iPod Touch after wanting it for so long! Bought it in 32GB instead of the initial idea of a 64GB because I figured that I shouldn’t spend that much. But as spendthrift as I may sound, I bought a hot pink polka-dotted Kate Spade silicone case to go with it! I don’t know what’s with pink and me lately, but I am loving how this colour makes me feel girly and young for now.

We hung around the Apple Store for a few hours because Macintosh is the way to go! Hahaha, I was kidding! I was spending a bit of time deciding on which skin to buy, then Jon and I played some games on the iMacs there it was so fun! Love playing puzzle games! :D

Playing some games for kids, but I swear it was damn fun and entertaining!

YAY, my new iPod Touch with a very pretty skin to go with! :D

Had Thai food for dinner, but my Tom Yum Soup tasted really bleak I can’t eve talk about it. The moment I saw the food, I knew it was gonna taste the way it looks. /: It doesn’t even taste like Tom Yum at all, and it’s quite a shame considering that the cafeteria was opened by Thais. /:

Jon and I went back to the hostel, took our 4 big luggages, and decided to take a train to South Station to catch our coach to New York instead of taking a cab to save that $50 cab fare. But oh boy it was damn arduous and the snow didn’t make it any easier! Singapore really has the best public transport because, there was no lifts at all in the train station! Imagine us carrying 4 freaking big luggages up and down the stairs. Oh, and we had to change train too so that makes everything worst. Best gym workout ever. We definitely caught the eyes all of the commuters with all the huge baggage, but thank God there were really helpful people who offered to carry our bags for a few flights of stairs! (:

And I really quite like Boston. The cold, even though it was 0 degrees, it was still quite tolerable to me with the proper amount of clothes, and the people were friendly too. (:

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