Christmas in LA

Merry Christmas! There wasn’t any white Christmas over here in LA since it doesn’t snow, but it was nice visiting Hollywood and experiencing Christmas over a dinner gathering at Baby’s relative’s place! (:

Day 18 in Los Angeles, 25th December 2010

Drove back to Jon’s hostel in the morning to unload some of the luggages because Jon’s family was flying off. We settled at Panda Express for a simple Chinese cuisine for lunch, and they were all packed in paper lunch boxes just like what we’d always see on TV! Spent the rest of the afternoon doing some (un)packing and off we went to Hollywood!


Many buskers by the street dressed up in costumes screened in Hollywood movies, and apparently this one looked almost like the real one on screen!

Stars of Harry Potter made their mark!

Chinese theatre

Hahaha, Donald duck was here!

And here’s Snow White!

Hahaha, and my boyfriend looks damn…. I don’t even know what to say. /:

Took on an hour drive to Jon’s relative’s place for Christmas dinner! It’s really heart-warming experiencing a different kind of Christmas over here in an American household. They cooked up a feast – lobsters, crabs, beef, salmon, and a lot more – and the festive spirits was strong! Not forgetting about the cold weather along with the heat from the fire place. (:

Sitting around the fire at the back yard to keep warm in the open air.

(Oh yes, baby’s spotted roaming around like a nomad searching for food.)

This is quite a funny picture (albeit blur). Jon took a picture, and forgotten to smile. -.-“

Which resulted in this picture. Hahaha. Quite a happy picture despite being blur. (:

Skippy the 6 month old chihuahua! He’s afraid of people that he hid behind the washing machine the whole time! And to add on, he kept barking non-stop and even wanted to bite the people he didn’t know. Jerwin took a while to befriend this little pup!

And we got presents too! :D That was… unexpected!

Kids are too excited to wait for boxing day!

The two Jonathans! The younger one was named after the older one, believe it or not!

Jeremy performing his card tricks to keep the kids entertained!

Day 19 in Los Angeles, 26th December 2010

Woke up really early for a shopping trip down to Desert Hill Premium Outlets! Drove over to Jon’s relative’s place for a meal together first before heading down for the major shopping spree!

They have a garden at the backyard where they grew their own fruits and vegetables!

The only reason Jon took this picture was because he said that I don’t wash the dishes. SAYS WHOOO!

We (Jon and I) are the limelight in the picture.

Multi-exposure shot

Winded down the windows, started blasting R&B music out loud. We’re living it the american way!

Mid afternoon, and there were still snow caps on the mountain. It was really quite cold that day.

Shopping loots for the day!
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Knitwear Top, Kenneth Cole knitwear top, Aldo wedges, Calvin Klein flats, 2 Calvin Klein bags (for Jon as Christmas present), and a Tommy Hilfiger watch (for Daddy!)

I am not going to blog about today because the entire day was spent with checking out of the hotel room, getting back to Jon’s place and packing the luggage since The Chaus were flying off. And the terrible thing is that I am actually falling sick – feeling feverish in fact – and this isn’t good at all. Having to fly off to Boston early in the morning tomorrow. Screw the cold weather and I hope that the snow condition has gotten better, if not I might just die there. )’:

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