Good evening San Fran!

I’ve barely seen much about San Francisco, butkI am loving this city already! It is so beautiful.

Day 14 in San Francisco, 21st December 2010

Our efforts to wake up early to catch our flight to San Francisco was kinda defeated. We reached the airport and checked in on time, but we missed our flight! ): Our flight was delayed from 10am to 11am, then to what we thought was 1.20pm! /: So while waiting, we slept since there was so much time to kill before our flight arrived. But when I woke up, I saw that the gate no longer had details of our flight and the curious me went up to the counter staff to check it out. Turned out t(at our flight was at 12pm, and it was already 12.30pm when I enquired! WE MISSED OUR FLIGHT! ): I swear my heart almost dropped out and I have no idea what to do. Thankfully the staff at the airport managed to put us on the standby list and we caught the next flight which was at 3pm. And that is already a huge waste of the time because half the day was spent at the airport when we could have been already at San Francisco shopping or sight seeing. ):

The long queue at the airport!

We were all tired.

You have no idea how happy we were when we boarded our plane! I really didn’t want to give San Francisco a miss because everyone has been saying how beautiful it is!

Jon and I were so tired that the moment the plane took off, we fell asleep all the way till the plane landed. Without waking up at all.

And on a random note, I really think that Singapore’s airport is awesome and the best! The flight from LA to San Francisco was supposed to be only 1 hour long, but it took 2 hours instead. Reason was that the plane was stuck in the air waiting for the airport to give instructions to land! How inefficient! And most of the flights at the airport were delayed as well, and it seems like that was nothing that’s on time! /:

The hotel that we stayed in!

It looks really beautiful from the exterior and in the lobby, but the room was only mediocre!

The theatre opposite our hotel.

The streets of San Francisco. In the beautiful night lights.

A skating ring! It was really beautiful! (:

Touch no evil! Hahaha, made my boyfriend do that retarded action and expression! q:


Hmmm…. I’ve never heard of Retirement Sale before.

So obviously Jon held the camera at an angle to get this kinda effect. I was actually standing upright (check out the linear lines from the bricks in the background) and the roads here in San Francisco are really steep!

Hahaha, will J be this tall soon?! :D


Getting Pressed Pennies for souveniors! :D

The Cheesecake Factory, which serves damn awesome and smooth cheesecake! It’s so smooth it’s almost like a thicker version of beancurd!

We bought four cheesecakes! :D Two of them were HUGE! How sinful is it to have cheesecakes for dessert late in the night? D:

Day 15 in San Francisco, 22nd December 2010

Unlike usual days, we slept in to 11am which is considered really late when we are traveling! We made our way Powell street to take a cable car to The Fisherman’s Wharf and toured around San Francisco proper! Their cable cars are not the ones we have back in Singapore, and they go on the roads!

Outfit of the day
Turtle neck top from Bershka, Red coat from New Look, Jeans from New Future, Boots from Go Jane, Bag from Crumpler

The San Francisco Cable Car!

Look at this!

We dined at one of the seafood restaurants at The Fisherman’s Wharf and the food wasn’t too bad. After the meal, we all took on a two-hour long classic cable car tour around San Francisco and it was really an eye opener! Visited quite a few places that we’d probably never visit on our own, and that includes some of the beautiful houses, such as Levis Strauss’!

Clam chowder and lobster bisque

%2r width=

Fettucini with smoked salmon and asparagus

Cod fish & chips

Damn round ):

The classic cable car tour

I took a thousand pictures of the streets but nothing seems to be able to justify what I was trying capture. ):

The wire cables that the trams here run on.

The Golden Gate Bridge

It was really windy up on the bridge I could barely feel my fingers.

A test shot!

Some of the very beautiful house along the higher end residential estates in San Francisco.

Almost all of the streets in San Francisco has extremely steep roads, it’s like climbing hills!

After the tour, we walked around The Fisherman’s Wharf to have a look at what’s around. Bought some little souveniors too! (:

Bread that comes in different shapes of animals! Big ones!

I guess you can’t really tell from the pictures, but there are loads of seagulls flying around the pier!

A very talented street side spray paint artist! Jon’s parents bought two paintings from him!

Took a bus back to Union Square from The Fisherman’s Wharf!

Walking through the tunnel to get back to our hotel!

Shopping at Macy’s.

Day 16 in San Francisco, 23rd December 2010

The last day in San Francisco, and it was a really slow day for us. Checked out from our hotel, and we grabbed some takeaways from Jack in the Box for breakfast. Jon went to find Wilcent to borrow the car he rented for a while, so he drove all of us up to the highest point in San Fran – Twin Peaks! It was quite a beautiful sight with the clear blue sky looking over the whole of the beautiful city.

A bird’s eye view of the entire city

Hahaha, Uncle trying to lure the bird over to him!

I love this picture, even with all the people in the background!

Some puppy that they saw! Everyone here brings their dogs everywhere, even on the plane and into the malls! If only Singapore was like this too, then we could bring J out to everywhere together!

Heehee, Baby offered to piggyback me. :D

Went to have a look at The Conservatory of Flowers at the Golden Gate Park! From what Jon told me, this park is 20% bigger than the Central Park!

Hahaha, we spotted a baby who made his way into the plants to play around! So cute!

For the rest of the day, we shopped around at Westfield San Francisco Center, but I didn’t manage to buy anything. ): I am so sad that I haven’t bought anything much for myself ever since the first shopping trip to Beverly Center when I arrived! D: Need to visit Desert Hill Outlet Mall as soon as I can to soothe my shopping itch!

Took a cab down to San Francisco Airport, and took a flight back to LA later in the night. Jon took an earlier flight alone because he rented a car initially and was supposed to pick it up just before it closes. But in the end, our booking was cancelled! And it wasn’t by us! Hate how irresponsible the car rental company was because Jon had to pay extra to specially change his flight for it! >:(

Anyway, we are back in LA now and we’re staying in Holiday Inn at North Hollywood! :D Going to Universal Studios tomorrow, and I hope my heart can take the rides! D: Anyway, the hotel looks really good and it’s really comfy! :D

Beautiful night lights of LA city from the plane

Holiday Inn at Beverly Garland

On a side note, I haven’t really felt to Christmas vibes yet. ): Perhaps because we are going from place to place and to add on, I kinda lost track of time already. /: I know it’s Christmas Eve for you guys back home, so Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Please do not forget my present people! q:

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  1. very meticulous in ur blog post!!
    i was stuck at the 3 out of 5 airports okays!!u kena once onli..wait till u reached this state, u totally give up and nua on the floor while in the queue!!i totally slept on the floor while Q-ing! do the angmoh style sio xD muahahahs! like tt confirm wont miss the flight, cuz u blocking the way xD smart hor!!
    2 buses broke down and 1 underground tube broke’s their standard.. :D say cheers to sg!

  2. SOOK FUNG, Of course! My purpose of blogging it all down is to remember them all when I read back! And yes, kudos to Singapore for their efficiency! And omg you are so much like a full-blown Singaporean here! q:


  3. hahahas! i abit sianz of them now -.- Send my uni letter and put DEAR SOOK -.-
    LIKE i friend with them for decades -.-“”””””

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