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Day 12 in Las Vegas, 19th December 2010

Had breakfast at Chinatown the next morning, and we had dim sum. Surprisingly it was really good! In fact, most of the Asians food here are much better than I’d have expected it to be. We ordered a feast! But what’s new when you’re dining with The Chaus?

Omg, I am already feeling bloated just by looking at this picture. D:

Hopped onto the van and drove off to Hoover Dam! The hour long drive doesn’t seem that bad anymore after taking on many dreadful rides that lasts for hours. Anyway, the Hoover Dam was a much better experience than I’d have expected it to be! Basically it generates power to a few cities in the states! It was quite a spectacular view I’d say!

If you noticed the difference in the top and bottom of the mountains, it is because of the drop in the water level over the years. It is a drastic drop if you even noticed!

The bridge that we climbed at the later part of the stay!

Hahaha, Uncle and Aunty’s damn cute.

Look at how strong the wind was coming from the dam! The wind was literally going upwards! Jon even had an experiment done with pouring some water into the dam!

The beautiful rainbow we spotted!

On a side note, Hoover Dam is located at the border of Arizona and Nevada!

The Dam from the view at the bridge!

The wind was blowing damn strongly when we were on the bridge! I could barely walk when I was there! It was literally walking against current!
(And I just noticed: I like the reflection of the sky on my sunglasses!)

I think it looks damn amazing at the dam from this view! If you still can’t relate to how big this whole thing is, refer to the cars on the left side of the picture!

(I was trying to act like a monster by the way)

Went back to Chinatown for lunch at some restaurant, but the food this time round was only mediocre. /:

Shopping at Las Vegas Premium Outlets! I bought a Coach bag for my Mom, and DKNY wallets for my brothers! I have yet to buy anything for my Dad though. ):

At The Caesar’s Palace

Vegas by the streets!

The wind was still rather strong, and that explains my horrible hair. /:

Trying our luck at the Jackpot machine in the Casino!

And lucky Jeremy got…


With that, we won $20 bucks in total (we started with $10) after playing for a while!

We walked around Vegas street and caught some of the shows by the various hotels!

Volcano eruption performance at The Mirage hotel

Fountain performance at Bellagio hotel

Audio has been disabled due to copyright. ): But anyway, it is playing Time to say goodbye in the background.

In front of the gargantuan Caesar’s Palace Hotel!

Imagine eating a feast. At 1am in the morning. Lobsters included. D:

Day 13 in Las Vegas, 20th December 2010

It was a boring day because we didn’t have much to do other than to travel back to Los Angeles. Went back to the same place for breakfast because Jon’s family enjoyed it a lot the day before.

The second meal consecutively with lobsters. Jon’s Mom enjoys lobster quite a tad.

Experimenting how to catch the plushies because….

…they all had bills attached to them! But obviously we didn’t manage to catch any. ):

Jerwin being exhausted from the arduous car ride.

Food to the rescue!

It was such a tiring day just driving back from Vegas to LA. D: But I was so tired that I knocked out the moment I got into the car. Never knew how exhausting traveling could be until now. /: Jon and I slept rather late because we did the laundry at his place while the rest of his family was in the hotel. Only had 2 hours of sleep and I woke up and headed off to the airport to catch a flight. Only to know our flight was delayed from 10am till 1.2opm! >:(

So anyway, here I am in San Francisco now! :D

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  1. hahahas! i like the fact tt jon is so cheeky with the water xD awesome job!! :D:D

  2. SOOK FUNG, He was damn bad. He was asking his brother to put his head out, and all the water splashed on his face because of the wind! SO EVIL RIGHT! HAHAHA.


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