Vegas Baby!

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is, that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas!

Day 10 in Las Vegas, 17th December 2010

Woke up early in the morning to pack our luggages because we’d be making our way to Sin City – Las Vegas! :D But before we set off, we went to visit Jon’s relatives who are residing in the States. Visited their humble home and I quite like the whole environment! :D

At Jon’s relative’s place!

Jerwin getting really comfortable he started lazing around the sofa like his own house!

I think I’ve been putting on some weight since I came over, haven’t I? ):

We went off to have dim sum at New Capital Restaurant together thereafter! I have no idea how the food over here are much cheaper, even if it is Asian food! Ate to our heart’s content, and we set on to a 4 hour drive to Vegas!

The driver fuelling up the tank before setting off!

Jeremy doing his card tricks to keep us occupied during the ride.

Stopped over at Barstow

Went into Starbucks to grab a cup coffee to keep us warm

How they spelt my name

All for only USD$12! My green tea latte cost only USD2.95 when I usually purchase it for about SGD6.00 for a cup! Starbucks is much cheaper here!

Continued our journey and we finally arrived in Vegas after the long ride. Not forgetting that there was a bit of a traffic jam due to the rain. I kinda pity, yet salute at the same time, to Jon for being the sole driver during the entire drive. The energy and concentration he needs for the entire ride while the rest of the family could catch up on some rest.

Checked in at Luxor Hotel!

The Casino

Got into the car and drove around Vegas City in the night. It was rather cold that day I could even create mist while breathing normally through my nose! D: I guess it’s probably because of the rain too. /:

Our hotel from the outside, partially blocked by the building. And in case you haven’t realised. It’s a pyramid! :D

It was such a long and tiring day driving on the road most of the time. It was about 2am when we got back to our hotel room, and we had to wake up early in the morning the following day. D: I can actually start to imagine the pain and tiredness one can experience with non-stop traveling!

Day 11 in Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, 18th December 2010

Woke up really early in the morning at 6am and prepared for a 5 hour long drive (oh god the dread of long car rides!) towards Grand Canyon. I woke Jon up the last because he was the one that has gotta deal with getting us through the long car ride while the rest of us could catch up on our rest.

Grabbed some starbucks to refresh all of us up!

The desert that we drove through

After a long drive, we stopped and Uncle took over the wheels while Jon caught up on some rest.

Stopped over for lunch at Denny’s!

Trying to catch a toy, but failed!

The boyfriend being all filial serving his grandparents. (:

The wind was so strong my hair was in such a mess. /:

We continued on our drive to Grand Canyon, and to our disappointment our 5 hour drive was kinda wasted when it was so cold and foggy we could barely see anything across the cliff. ):

And on a side note, I saw snow for the first time! It was such a beautiful sight, but I have to say I hate how wet everything gets. My socks and boots get quite soaked up with water my toes literally froze and could barely feel a thing! ): I hate to keep jumping to make myself move my toes a little so that it doesn’t literally becomes numb. /: Nonetheless, I enjoyed playing with he snow though! :D

My terrorist boyfriend! By the way, this Tommy Hilfiger Jacket that he bought is really quite good with a layer of wool that keeps him really warm. And guess what? It only cost him USD$30. CHEAP OR WHAT! :D

Heh, my H&M Coat kept me warm enough too! :D

Hahaha, Jerwin looks damn cute.

Some random small snowman that someone built.

At the rim of Grand Canyon. Look at it! We can barely see anything other than the snow and fog! ):

He didn’t noticed there was this logo (I don’t know what is called in English) on the beanie that his Grandpa gave. Hahahaha! How retarded!

War on Snow! :D

Stopped by for dinner at House of Chans

Dropped by Evening Call which was at the lobby of our Hotel

Alcohol mixes freeze

And our mega large cup of it! Yummy yummy!

And the boy had midnight hunger pangs

And he got pizza for all of us! :D

Sorry for the entries flooded with words and pictures. There wasn’t any internet connection at the hotel over in Vegas so I could only do so now! ): Bah it is so exhausting uploading the photos as well. ):

MORE TO COME IN THE NEXT ENTRY BEFORE I FLY OFF TO SAN FRANCISCO! Now I realised how exhausting it can be traveling on such a tight schedule. D: But no complains, because I am having all the fun! Heeheehee!

2 thoughts on “Vegas Baby!

  1. yeah! damn tiring! i nearly gave up on the 3rd cities while i was in europe -.-
    Everyday catch plane like catching bus like tt -.-

    hahas! told u the H&M jacket gonna keep u warm ;P

  2. SOOK FUNG, It is sooo exhausting having to wake up early all the time! ): At least we can catch a bus as an when we want! Anyway, the H&M coat is good! But I think if it gets any colder (New York, Boston & Washington in my case) I am not sure if it still works! ):


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